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Vegan Soy Sweet Almond

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This soap is not available for the public yet, it is a Sweet Almond scent, made by RoguePolish on Etsy.

RoguePolish is described by their owner as:
Rogue is my alter ego who gets to play in the soap lab & combine her love of science, scent, & art. My shaving soaps were a venture into something much more complex & technical. They have been so much fun to develop and I hope you enjoy them.

If you are looking for a scent like Cella, this is for you!

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Pros: Scent, Latherability, Protection, Glide
Cons: None
Let me begin by saying when I received this in the mail I was very excited. I opened up the box and there was an overwhelming Sweet Almond scent. This scent smells exactly like Cella!
I began by soaking this soap, like I usually do and began to lather with an excess of water and found that this soap was able to work well with excess or minimal water.
When I began to lather it was clear from the beginning that this soap was going to exceed my expectations, this soap lathered like a pro without any effort. You get a lot of soap from not a lot of loading. I would recommend that you cut your lathering time in half with this soap simply because of how easy it is to load.
When I began to lather on my face, this soap went on heavy and offered a lot of protection for me. I was able to get roughly 5 full face lathers from my one loading technique.
For my shave I used the iKon B1 Slant DLC with a new Personna Blade and a Pre Shave that I enjoy.
Lathering on the face as I said was exceptional, there was absolutely no problem with getting a full face of lather, matter of fact I got a full face of lather time and time again. Also it is worth noting that I did not have a problem with this soap drying out. I was able to take as long as I wanted on either side of my face and got a great shave from it.
I have sensitive skin, and let me say that with this soap I had absolutely no irritation. I went at all different angles trying to see if my blade angle was off, nothing was to explain except that this soap offered a great cushion with a great glide.
The scent is that of Cellas, I enjoyed it, my sister enjoyed it, my mom enjoyed it.
I need to say that this soap has a permanent spot on my soap shelf, it is absolutely exceptional. I found I got a better shave with this then I did with Cella. Cella for me was ranked about third out of all my soaps, now it is ranked fourth with this soap as a solid third.
I think that I could ramble on for hours about how great it is, but let me just say if you didn't read anything read this: Do yourself a favor, buy this soap. You will love it.
Sold 10 all the way down, no questions asked.
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