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Proraso Nourishing & Rejuvenating Shave Foam (Yellow Can)

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Proraso Nutriente e Rigenerante (Nourishing & Rejuvenating) is a shaving cream from Proraso's yellow line. It's intended for all beard types and contains both cocoa and shea butters which give it some moisturizing qualities. At present, it is only available as a shaving foam in an aerosol can and it is sold only in the European market. Proraso Nourishing & Rejuvenating is scented with a mild vanilla fragrance.

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Pros: Nondrying, slick, nice aroma
Cons: Expensive (in the USA), faint scent
I've used a ton of different canned shaving creams/gels because I happen to like them just as much as I like traditional soaps and creams. Proraso Nourishing & Rejuvenating stands out among those I have tested as a good product. I cannot say that I like it enough to pay 5x the price of other canned foams to buy it again, however. Yellow Proraso can be found for around $10-12 on popular websites in the United States.

This shaving cream contains cocoa butter and shea butter. I can say that it dried my face out less than other canned foams but I cannot say that it left my skin feeling moisturized. I still felt like I needed an aftershave balm after using it to get rid of that tight feeling in my skin.

I got exceptional slickness from this cream especially considering that it's a canned product. I usually mix rather a lot of water into my aerosol foams but I didn't need to do that as much with this product. It shaved very well with my Merkur 1904 razor; there was no skipping or dragging at all. Interestingly, the foam has a slightly tan/beige color.

As for the scent, Proraso describes the product as having a vanilla fragrance. I don't get much of that but I do distinctly smell the cocoa butter in the product. It gives the foam a very pleasant dessert-like aroma. The scent isn't very strong at all (you won't notice it unless you're looking for it) and it doesn't stick around after shaving.

If you've already decided that you hate canned shaving foam then yellow Proraso probably won't change your mind. In all fairness, it really isn't that much better than the $2 cans of Barbasol and Gillette Foamy we can find at the grocery store here in the US.
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Moisturizing Properties
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I feel the need to update my review; the foam started to smell rancid after about two years hanging out in my travel bag (being used occasionally). I've never had that happen with any other canned foams.

Two years is a long time and it's my fault for not using it up sooner, but figured I should mention it anyway.

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