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Black Clay Shaving Soap

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"Detox Soap made from Black Clay is good for shaving. Also consist Shea butter, castor oil, juniper, tea trees oil (which are perfect for disinfection). Good idea for gift for him.
Black Clay Soap for Shaving, disinfecting. Antibacterial soap Tea tree and cider wood essential oils, castor oil and shea butter, man soap, mens soap"
- https://www.etsy.com/listing/210355695/shaving-soap-black-clay-soap-detox-soap

This soap is handmade in Latvia by Rita who owns the company.

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Pros: Customer Service, Idea, Price
Cons: Lathering
Let me begin by saying with my dealings with Rita were amazing, I received this product after roughly 2 weeks as it is shipped from Latvia. It comes in a nice wax bag packaging with a picture of a goat, it is primarily in Latvian which was cool for a nerd like me.

I had high expectations for this soap, I liked the idea of a black clay soap that would detox and clean my face as I shaved. The soap did not perform to my standards, I felt when lathering on the puck I had enough soap to begin a face lather, when I tried to face lather all I would get was a frothy foam on my face. It did not give enough cushioning for a shave with my iKon D1 Slant Blade. I had to call it quits after two passes as it just began to hurt. I think that this soap has potential, a lot of potential actually it just cannot form a good enough lather for me to shave. I do need to point out though THIS IS MY FIRST BLACK CLAY SOAP, I might be ignorant when it comes to knowing how to shave with a Black Clay type of soap but from my knowledge of shaving and lather producing I was not impressed. I did notice one thing though after multiple attempts at beginning a lather and that is my skin felt hydrated, more so then before. I think that there are a lot of benefits in this soap, antioxidants etc... all it needs is a little bit of help on lathering and this soap will be a great addition to any shavers soap collection.
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