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Custom Silvertip By rjp1313

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I purchased this brush from an ebay member that custom makes these brushes. He even puts a magnet in the handle and includes a groovy little stand to hang it on :001_smile

Price: At 55 Dollars for a Silvertip and 45 for Super Badger I would consider this brush a steal.

Quality: When I first got this brush and used it I only lost maybe 2 or 3 hairs and thats it. I have yet to lose anymore.

Density: This sucker is as dense as can be. Packed full of soft silvertip goodness.

Stiffness of tips: I wouldn't really call the tips stiff. I mean its not floppy moppy but its not exactly boar bristle stiff either.

Softness of tips: As soft as any other silvertip I suppose. Its a luxury on ones face. :001_smile

Ergonomic:The handle is perfect for me. It fits perfectly in my hand and the contour is just right.

Latherability: This sucker will whip up a lather like nobodys business. I can take an almond size amount of lather, add a little water, and whip up a thick, moist meringue in about 20 passes around the bowl.

Overall this is my favorite brush to use, now when it comes to using soaps, I would have to stick with my Omega boar bristle simply because of the stiffness, but for any type of cream (which I mostly use) this is my goto brush.

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Did you guys figure out the seller's name?
Any chance of getting the sellers name? or if he has a website or other email address he may want to share.
Would definitely like the info to get one too.

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