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Chelsea's Unscented Shave Soap

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I agree...this is some 'awesome' Shaving Soap with lather that last as long as 14 minutes.

Price: Rating 8
Moderately priced at $3.95 per puck w/ $3.50 USPS First Class Mail shipping (for the first puck and ¢50 for each additional puck), from Suwanee, GA, (purchased on Ebay…”augustine_9” is the Seller) :thumbup1:

Quality: Rating 8.5
These very light bluish pucks are 2 ¾ inches in diameter across and weigh approximately 3 ½ ounces each. Although not being ‘tallow or milled’, I do hope this Soap lasts as long (update to follow later), although it is a softer soap than a few of the glycerin soaps (Van der Hagen, I’ve briefly used before). These are glycerin-based soaps and according to Chelsea, the unscented puck is made with "Natural White Glycerin soap, French White Clay, Vitamin E and an amazing new product called Foaming Bath Butter". The foaming bath butter produces an incredible lather and each puck is made with high quality ingredients and processes using all natural Glycerin - no harsh chemicals to irritate my face.

Scent: Rating: N/A
Unscented…this is ‘ideal’ for my super-sensitive skin.

Lather: Rating 10
OMG…:blink: this Soap really generates a lot of incredible lather and this lather is nice and thick. Water retention of this Soap is wonderful and with just a about six (6), ‘whips’ (with my FS Silvertip), around my Shaving Cup, this Soap produces a rich, unscented and dense 'stiff peak' lather. Here is my drying test (got this idea from Scotto's past post), I lather my face and leave it on for at least 10 minutes and "hey, hey, hey", no problem with the lather drying out on my face :w00t:

Efficacy: Rating 9.5
Throughout the shave, the lather provided a lot of cushion and glide. I just have to say that this is the best shaving soap that I've ever tried…much better than the Williams Shaving Soap I’ve been using for at least 30yrs. It lathers up quickly, soothes. This Soap lathers so easy and seems like it never dries out and doesn't dry out my face either. I find that I get a much closer shave and a better lather with Chelsea's vs. Williams (pucks like Williams feels like a ‘hockey puck’). Also, accordingly to Chelsea’s, the French Clay creates a slick shaving soap which 'glides' my Razor (Merkur 23C), over my skin with hardly any cuts and/or nicks :thumbsup:

Moisturizing: Rating 10
Again, no drying of my face at all. Skin felt smooth and hydrated and after my shave, I feel very 'pampered' :001_rolle. I really 'Love' this Soap. What a change from many years of using Williams Shave Soap and my face is softer and smoother.

In closing and in my opinion...it is the best Shave Soap for your money and your face. :thumbup:

Christopher :badger:

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This must be the first artisan soap that actually worked for me and I tried many with disappointing results. Other unscented soaps still gave my skin a burning sensation, so it was something in their base, not the fragrances. But this one is different, smooth, comfortable shave, decent lather for a glycerin soap.

Would I use it over a shea butter French soap (Cade, PdP, PS)? Probably not, but it's nice to know the option is out there and it could be good for travel or for cases when my face is overly sensitive from experimenting with shaving gear.

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