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Shea butter is wonderful stuff for shaving soap. It leaves your face feeling as nice as tallow-based soaps and it somehow enhances the growth of skin (dermatology studies bear this out), so that with a couple of weeks' use the skin strengthens and you start to get fewer weepers. Australian sandalwood smells wonderful, and this soap is made with shea butter and real Australian sandalwood, so it ought to be a great soap. And indeed, when I can get enough of it on my face, then it feels as nice...
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This is an outstanding brush and costs all of $12. I have compared it to 13 other brushes at <>
2.44 star(s) 9 ratings
This would be an excellent brush at any price and at $15 it is a stunning value. I have compared it to 13 others at <>
This is a pleasant boar brush costing $22. I have compared it to 13 others at <>
Excellent at the start of a shave--soft tips with nice backbone--but after several passes the tips begin to sting. Also, I dislike the handle because, although it is easiest to wield a brush with the fingertips near the knot, this handle is shaped so that a recess naturally found by the fingertips is near the end. I have compared this brush to 13 others at <>
This comes comes plated in chrome or gold. I bought the gold model because gold is less slippery than chrome. The difference in price is negligible. Both are overpriced. This brush comes with a stout metal carrying tube, apparently made of brass. The tube has a small hole in one end for make-believe ventilation. It is well finished although the inside has some nicely gilt drips of solder. The handle of the brush seems to be a chunk of solid brass. It feels substantial and is well...
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