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I was sent a sample of this shave cream with a recent order. The instructions tell you to apply to your face with you so I applied it with my hands. It contains eucalyptus oil, which gave it a real cool and soothing effect, much like proraso. The sample I had is fragrance free. It also contains hops to relax (do not drink).

Though it gave a good shave, i'm not ready to replace my proraso. I like the process of building up and applying lather that this product doesn't do too well.
Its a very good product that does what it says.

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Pros: Good all around performer.
Cons: More cushion.
This is my go to cream for shaving my head. Since I don't use a brush for my head, this product works well for me. I have tried lathering it up before in a bowl, and it is decent. I have also tried it without lathering iin conjunction with their shave oil, and that is a bit better shave, though a bit sticky with a tendency to gunk up the razor and leave hairs that stick to the sink basin.

However, for a quick simple head shave this is a quality product that will give you a close shave. I do wish it had more cushion, but that can be said of any of the new age creams. My head is not sensitive at all, so I do one quick pass ATG every other day. Because of that I don't end up using too much, otherwise if I were using it without a brush for several passes a day, it just wouldn't be worth the cost.

This is a tepid review so far, so why do I recommend it and say it is my go to cream for shaving my head? Well, of all the products I have tried on my head this is the best one all around. You will get a good shave from a pleasant smelling cream that is easy to apply, with only irritation over the parts of your head where the hair is very coarse. Also, if you use the aftershave balm that comes with it, you will end up getting a real cooling feeling that calms any razor burn and leaves you feeling fresh. So, I would say that this product is the best of a fairly average group of new school creams that I have tried for shaving my head. I wouldn't want to shave my face with it everyday, but for shaving your head every other day, you could do a lot worse...and I have.

I wish they would go back to the white packaging. They use a dull gray now, and it doesn't look as good. Also, I have an old sample and I swear the new stuff in the gray packaging is a little thinner formula. Still, the best of the new school creams I have found.
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I've been using this cream for about a year now and it is indeed an excellent cream. What differentiates this cream from others for me is its flexibility--while some creams require a very specific amount of water to achieve a usable lather, this cream works with zero to generous amounts of water in your shave brush. Perfect for beginner wet shavers, a market segment that was likely on the mind of the designers.
I was given this product as part of their ultimate shave kit. The kit includes a facial scrub, pre-shave oil, shave cream and post shave balm. I rarely have used this without the other products in the kit but the few times that I did it really didn't change my opinion of the shave cream.

Overall, it's a good quality cream. While it is intended for brushless use, I use a brush and found that it lathers up well and is fairly thick when it is lathered up. The scent is mild to almost neutral which is a bit of a disappointment but is intentional so no loss of points there. I have never had an irritation using this cream and it leaves my face moisturized and feeling very healthy.

I would not recommend this at $18 per tube. However, the ultimate shave kit is about $50 with all of the products that I listed above. If you want to go with this product I would recommend that this is the way to go because it is a far better value and as a whole the other products compliment it nicely.

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