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The following is text taken from the Headblade.com...

HeadBlade Sport brings headshaving to a whole new level. Modeled after the hugely popular Limited Edition S4 (3,000 units made/sold for $75) the HeadBlade Sport comes standard with wheels AND triple blade technology. Put this thing on your rock and let it roll.


I think i paid...12 dollars for this thing at target. It fits in your hand like a computer mouse, with the plastic ring passing through your ring finger


Apparently the Blueman group loves the HeadBlade!

This thing is very awkward to use and forces you to forget everything you have learned about shaving. The razor cartridge is positioned backward, so you are pushing the blades forward...kinda like a train with a cattle guard...
I gave on this little razor after a week, and every time i used it I was always going back and getting the patches of hair i missed with my standard razor.
Its still in pristine condition due to lack of use



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I've been a headblader for two years now. I get the same results with a Mach 3, but find it much more comfortable and faster to use HB. It's moderately good at face shaving if you flip the blade around and use it like a traditional razor. The only problem being the bulk of the razor makes it a little tricky to get this hard to reach areas. Interestingly enough the Classic HB (without the wheels) seems to give me a closer shave but breaks sooner. You can use Atra blades or HB's own branded blades. I wish HB's triples where a little less expensive, but I try to stretch their life by using 'save-a-blade' and rubbing alcohol.

If you shave your head and haven't given the headblade a try, you owe it to yourself to do so. I wouldn't give up mine for a hundred mach 3's.
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I have been shaving my head for over 10 years, and I am a bit leery of this thing. 1st of all, my hair is very thick, and it grows fast. 3 days of growth clogs up M3's, and even Fusions sometimes. Those chintzy little 2-bladers don't stand a chance. I may give it a try, but with a M3 I can get my head done in under 3 min., depending on if I want to lather properly. I f I'm in a rush I use the Aeroglop. I'll post a review if I do use it.
Price: It came with some blades. Not a bad price considering what a package of cartridges cost.

Quality: It's plastic.

Performance: It does a fairly good job if you follow the instructions, which are about the same as DE shaving. Using the can of aerosol slop does not yield the best results. Head Slick (available at Walgreens) is what the the manufacturer recommends. Head Slick does a much better job than the aeroslop, but I've found that Proraso does a much, much better job. I get the best results using it in the shower.

Usefulness: It's quick, but it's difficult to get the hair around the ears. The blades clog with hair if you are using it for more than a couple of days worth of growth.

Packaging: It came in the hated plastic clamshell packaging. The good thing was that it came with a good set of instructions.

Durability: The wheels fell off mine. I tried jamming the wheel back on the axle, but no luck. Fortunately, it still works well without the wheels.

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