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Your top 5 DE blades

1. Feather (new hi stainless platinum coated)
2. Personna (any platinum coated blade)
3. Gillette (any platinum coated blade)
4. Bic (chrome platinum)
5. ????? (still need to try derby premium; dorco prime; lord premium platinum; rapira platinum lux; and tatra/tiger platinum)

I would have chosen the Gillette Blue blades with no hesitation if they were still made nowadays...
1961 (G1) Package 5 Blue Gillette Blades England.jpg
1961 (G2) 4 Blue Gillette Blades Extra England.jpg
1974 (U1) Blue Blade.jpg

But since it is not the case unfortunately, i will focus on my favourite stainless blades.

1) Gillette Platinum

2) Souplex (Solingen, Germany)

3) Polsilver Super Iridium

4) Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge (yellow)

5) Feather
Rapira Platinum Lux, currently my favorite in the more efficient razors
Pol-Silver in my Gillette NEW(s)
KAI in my Gillette Slim & BB
Nacet in Rocky (6S) and runner up in NEW models
Voskhod for a smooth shave in anything, although not the sharpest
I've only been DE shaving since Christmas. Just starting my quest, but I have given 7 blades a go.
I can list 2 that I'm confident will carry over different razors for me:
  • Feather
  • Personna Red (German)
Updating my top five:

1) platinum coated Feather (Japan)
2) platinum coated Personna (Israel)
3) platinum coated Gillette (Russia)

4) stainless steel Kai (Japan)
5) stainless steel Timor (Germany)

1. US Personna/Accutec Lab Blue
2. Astra SS
3. Anything else from PPI, except Nacets (Nacets work fine for me, but the 100 pack that I have rust after a single use).
4. Treet Dura Sharp PTFE-coated carbon steel blades - smooth and forgiving but go for 4 shaves before rusting.
5. Treet Black Beauty blued carbon steel blades - smooth and forgiving but rust quickly.
I have four, sorry, not five blades that are “top” for me. I have tried many, and will keep testing others, but four have earned “top” rating for me, and are in my rotation. In no particular order: FEATHER, PERMA-SHARP, Personna Platinum, and PAA Strangelet. I like choosing which blade seems right - and fun - on any particular day.
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