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EllyK, WELCOME TO B&B! I see this is your first post. Why don't you stop by the Hall of Fame and tell us a bit about yourself? Jump right in and start havin' fun!
Welcome to the B&B EllyK! We look forward to seeing more of you here and on the other parts of the B&B!

This morning I had a lovely mug of Darjeeling.
All week I have been having Sumatra Mandheling-Aceh that I roasted last week to just past City. I have been brewing it in my Melita pour over. I have come to love my coffee roasted to City or City+. I used to want super dark oily beans, but I found out that I just wanted to have some sort of flavor from the mediocre to lousy beans that were being sold. Good beans, light roast, and life is great.
Picked up some Nicaraguan JUST out the roaster at Whole Foods yesterday. (Also acquired some Willow and Guatemalan from a fellow B&Ber... that's reserved for work!)

Brewed 36 grams with 612 grams of water (about 206F) in the Chemex. I ground a little too fine, and had to stop the brew at about 4.5 minutes with maybe 100 grams short. Two delicious cups for the wife and me! The roast still needs a day to settle, but this pound that I got has a lot of promise for sure! I also picked up some fresh roasted decaf Mexican. Gonna try that tonight. It'll be my first specialty roasted decaf, so I'm excited about that.
stopped into the local roaster today to see what was "cooking"

Still warm when they handed me the bag

Sweet cuppa today

stopped into the local roaster today to see what was "cooking"

Still warm when they handed me the bag

Sweet cuppa today

I'm on the last little bit of my English Breakfast with this cup of tea, maybe another 3-4 cups left... excited to see what is in the shop next time I go!
My son just got back from Costa Rica and brought coffee! We have been enjoying some Molida 1820 and some other stuff he got in bulk and can't remember the name.
Thought I had posted this mornings cuppa.....

Local roaster's medium roasted Sumatran beans.

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I've been drinking Burundi Yandaro Bourbon all week. I found some left over green beans that were harvested about 3 years ago, but it was still quite good.

I had to look up Burundi on the map, I wasn't sure where it was. Found tidbits of information like:
Burundi is one of the five poorest countries in the world. It has one of the lowest per capita GDPs of any nation in the world.
While searching I found this writeup on Roastmasters about Bwayi Bourbon, another Burundi coffee. I did not know that coffee was so important to their local economy.

In Burundi the majority of coffee is grown by subsistence farmers. In fact, about 800,000 families in this small country of only 9 million people, grow or are involved with coffee; it accounts for 80 percent of Burundi's export revenue. Almost all of it is Arabica and of the Bourbon varietal. Farmers grow crops for their own food supply but also grow some cash crops, such as coffee. Most farms have between 50 and 250 trees, only enough to a couple of sacks of coffee in total. The coffee, once picked, has to be rushed to the local washing station.

Specialty coffee has been growing in Burundi in recent years because it earns farmers more money. Indeed natural conditions augur well for growing top coffee as there is volcanic soil and mist covered mountains, all set almost astride the equator. Selected lots can be had, often without pedigree, but with a very sophisticated palate - a terrific situation for savvy consumers. Great quality at attractive prices. High grown coffee from Burundi, particularly those from Kayanza and Ngozi provinces are making a name for themselves as single origin espresso coffees.
For the past few weeks I have been drinking a 1-1 combination of Cafe La Llave Espresso and Don Francisco's Kona Blend prepared via pour over. Great combination.

Edit: brewed around 205 degrees F if anybody cares
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