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Your Morning Mug

This evening I broke out the press and the wife and I had 2 lovely cups each of Kona.

I made our evening coffee in 2 separate 2 cup batches.

20 grams of press grind with 14 oz of water. Two minute steep and in the cup it goes

Had to hurry and use my Whole Foods Nicaraguan before it got any older. So I made a big batch of cold brew. I don't think I let it sit long enough though, as it was kind of bitter. I should either let it go a full 12 or even 13 hours, or grind a little finer. Anyway. Iced up a cup, poured a bit, and used a bit of milk to mask the off flavor. Still a good cup of coffee.
Guatemala Huehuetenango Baudilio Castillo Micro-lot (from the Sweet Maria's Xinabajul project) from the Kone. These Xinabajul coffees - beyond being a cool concept, which they are - are really great coffee lots. In my limited experience, they have ranged from solid to actually quite stunning. While I don't think the blend they released of these coffees really jives with the spirit of the project, the microlots really have my attention.
18 grams of "Dave's Blend" (dark French roast and medium roast Colombian).

2 1/2 oz double pull into a black cat project 12 oz cup with frothed whole milk

Wowzers.... this is GOOD....

I had McDonald's Coffee today to wash down my McDonald's Hotcakes, it was all rather tasty.
When traveling I always fill up a thermos with coffee at Micky D's.

A thermos is charged the same as a large coffee and their coffee is about the best fast and available everywhere brew on the road.


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Interesting. I don't know if they fill thermoses in Canada. Over the past year they have been converting their stores to McCafe. They have improved their coffee massively.