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A’ama Organic Kona coffee

Adagio Teas began nine years ago with the desire to introduce customers to an array of gourmet hand picked, whole leaf teas and herbals sourced directly from growers around the world. It has been our mission to bring tea lovers in all corners of the United States and Canada fresh seasonal teas with abundant flavor and intoxicating aromas that will delight them daily. .

http://ajcoffeeco.com/ B&B 20% discount code: B&BCafe2010
AJ Coffee Company is committed to providing the best artisan roasted coffee for your drinking pleasure. We do our best to meet or exceed Fair Trade standards. We care deeply for the well-being of the people who we have to thank for our raw materials: excellent quality green coffee that becomes the beautifully roasted coffee that we pour our hearts into.

http://www.alohaislandcoffee.com *
We have a large Kona plantation on the big island of Hawaii, and provide Kona all over the world.


Does custom-blend tea bags.

Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company Inc. They have been in existance sine the 1800's, They do a great job.

Biscuit Brand Coffees
Sold through http://www.ecookbooks.com/. They have a coffee club and free shipping options with fairly small purchases.

At Blue Bottle Coffee, Artisan Microroasting simply means that we take a hands-on approach to every step possible to discover and preserve the true nature of excellent coffee -- no matter how inconvenient or time-consuming.

Boston Tea Campaign
For the best quality Darjeeling tea at affordable prices

Coffee Roaster in San Antonio, TX.

Boyd Coffee Company is committed to providing the best quality products and services to you! We recognize the importance of specialty coffee not only here in your home, but across the world where the coffee is painstakingly grown and harvested.


Each growing region has its own, very specific, qualities of both terroir and production techniques. Travelling the gardens and meeting the growers gives us both access to a higher quality of leaf and also a greater exposure to the variations of technique that these craftsmen are using to achieve it. As tasters it increases our understanding of garden practice, transformation and grading and the results that varying these procedures yield in the final tasting. Such direct contact naturally gives us access to some teas that would not otherwise leave Asia. It also gives us the opportunity to sell our seasonal teas in their prime, while they are still fresh (surprisingly unusual in the tea industry). Reducing the need for intermediaries also means that these teas can be both bought and sold at a fair price. Then there are the enriching advantages of human contact with the people of the many diverse cultures that we visit. With passion for tea giving us common ground we are privileged to experience the producers' daily activities and to learn from them directly the histories that have unfolded into their present lives. From an eleventh generation Japanese tea family to a Himalayan experimental artisan.
We invite you to explore our catalogue of discoveries.


Green coffee beans can be bought online. I've purchased from them. Nice folks.

Coffee By Design in Portland, Maine. Nice people, will sell green beans though they sell much more roasted.

http://www.coffeegemsroastery.com/ *
Coffee Gems Roastery is a micro-roaster of specialty coffees, located in Jewell, Iowa, that is dedicated to providing the highest quality, fresh roasted coffees available from around the world.

Counterculture coffee
For more than a decade, we have spent an unprecedented amount of time working side by side with our partners at origin to source the greatest coffees in the world, directly from the farmers themselves, celebrating the individuals, farms, and cultures behind each harvest.

The Coffee & Tea Exchange was established in Chicago in 1975. Coffee & Tea's plan for success was to sell the best quality coffee freshly roasted on the premises at a time when most coffee was mass-produced and sold in big cans at the grocery store. It was a good Idea.

Always fast shipping and great quality. Try the dark roasted Celebes Kalossi, especially through the Aeropress!

coffee roaster in Houston, TX

Daybreak Coffee Roasters has been roasting the finest Arabica coffees for its loyal customers since 1989. Does Daybreak Coffee Roasters use only the highest quality coffee beans? Absolutely! Every decision we make from coffee selection process, choosing organic coffees, Fair Trade coffees and single estate coffees, to our unique craft coffee roasting is about the taste of the coffee.

Dragon Tea House (Ebay seller whom ships direct from China.) Chinese Teas. Pu-erh, Oolong, Green tea, Black tea, White tea, Yellow tea etc., from China directly! Dragon Tea House is a tea merchant dedicated in providing you with the finest and fresh teas.

Den's Tea

Duncan Coffee Company (aka. Texas Coffee) offers great coffee, excellent service, and unbeatable prices. As an added bonus Joe, the owner, is a fellow wet shaver.


This is quite simply the smoothest drink you'll find. The owner of the company is also one of the great pioneers of latte art, if you're into that sort of thing.

http://www.essenceoftea.co.uk *


Grace Rare Teas have won six prestigious Awards at the International Fancy Food Shows, more than all other tea companies combined. These Awards reflect the company's history of quality since its inception, and include the Esthetic Award for outstanding packaging, Distinguished Recognition in the fine food category for its teas and the Outstanding Classic Award for a company that has passed the test of time in continuing to offer superior products and service.


the GreenBeanery - a Toronto-based company that has a huge selection of home roasting equipment, green beans and other coffee stuff:

Green Coffee Cooperative/club

Harney and Sons

Has Bean Coffee (UK). Fast service, hand roasted to order, ground any way you like, and a green bean service for those who want to do it at home.

Middle eastern Coffee and Tea,grocery items ect.

We run Hou De Asian Art with our family pride. We specialized in High-Grade Formosan Teas and Yunnan Puerhs with professionalism and passion.

Our focus is finding loose-leaf teas that are to be enjoyed for their natural flavors and aromas. We find these great teas and secure them before they are blended with inferior-quality lots. The tea farmers who supply us draw from centuries of tradition to offer you a unique experience. Each tea contains, within its leaves, the promise of a new journey, full of wonder and peace.

Intelligentsia Coffee, Inc
Intelligentsia Coffee was founded on what we consider to be a simple premise: buy, roast, and serve the finest coffees available. Our fanatical attention to detail results in distinctive, award-winning coffees that will please the most discriminating palate.

http://www.JAS-eTea.com -- a tea shop built for and by B&B members

Our mission: To promote the knowledge and awareness of the world's finest teas. We specialize in pu-erh teas but also carry white, green, oolong and black teas.

Our Goals:
1) To provide the finest service available.

2) To be your tea source of first resort.

3) To continually improve our selection of products. If we don't have the tea you are looking for, let us know. We would like the opportunity to carry that tea for you.

The Jasmine Pearl (Portland, OR.). They ship worldwide. I just received a teapot I ordered from them. It was packed very securely with a personal note and a few samples. I am very pleased with their service.

Java Cabana has popular espresso blends from around the world. Join their free club by entering an e-mail address and you get free shipping on all of your orders.

Jing Tea Shop was created to promote interest, and share the finest teas China has to offer with the concept that the product will be delivered from the world' s biggest tea market to your door.

Meghma Tea is a unique project because the entire cultivation and manufacturing process has helped uplift the economy of the entire area and its original inhabitants. The local people play an active role. This has brought about social, economical and environmental development to this hitherto virgin area which in the past was dependent to a large extent on subsistence farming. Purveyors of Darjeeling Tea

And that is where we are today, busily roasting superior coffees and delighting customers whilst fighting off the evil hordes of bad coffee purveyors from Seattle, Washington and Flushing, Michigan.

favourite for japanese greens

Metropolis Coffee is a small artisan roaster and tea purveyor. Their Redline espresso is phenomenal and is my go to espresso blend when I'm not creating my own.

Their Organic Breakfast (an English Breakfast), Kenyan Sunrise and Black Gold (a Keemun) are among my favorites.


Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd., located near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Murchie's has been in business since 1894, and there is good reason why they have been in business so long. I can't vouch for their coffee, but their tea is excellent! Their service is great too. If you are ever in Victoria, BC, stop by their store on Government Street and have some scones with Devonshire cream and strawberries. Outstanding!


favourite for japanese greens

Old City Coffe has a nice collection of single source beans from all over, and they make some really nice blends (their namesake blend is my daily cup). The sell online and ship all over.

Paradise Roasters in MN, featured on Ken David's Coffee Review

To be the gold standard specialty coffee and tea brand available to the world, with one of the most dedicated and loyal customer followings of any brand.
To enable and inspire customers to enjoy the daily pleasure of Peet's Coffees & Teas by providing a distinctive, superior product, superior coffee and tea knowledge and superior service to every customer, every day.

PT's Coffee in KS has been the SCA "Roaster of the Year" a few times (including 2009).

Authentic rare and unique Pu-erh tea, directly imported from Yunnan All vintage teas we sell are dry storage.

Red Blossom Tea.

Our customers demand high-quality, great tasting coffee. Our Roastmaster, William Trull, with more than 30 years experience, fulfills those expectations with every pound of coffee by selecting only the finest beans from around the world. Red Barn feels that by roasting in small batches our customers are assured the freshest coffee available.

Ristretto Roasters *
Hand Roasted Artisanal Coffee roasted in our vintage Probat roaster. A B&B favorite.

Everything for the home coffee roaster

Rishi Tea was founded on the commitment to set the standard for quality and expand the awareness of tea and its rich, inspirational tradition. We offer superb loose-leaf tea imported directly from tea gardens across Asia, made according to artisanal, ancient practices using organic cultivation techniques and Fair Trade standards.

From a humble start with one small roasting café, we’ve grown up to become one of Canada’s largest and most respected micro-roasters of certified organic, fair-trade, shade-grown, and carbon-neutral coffees. We’ve worked hard to be recognized not only for uncompromising freshness and quality, but also for walking the walk when it comes to caring for people and the planet.

Seven Cups Fine Chinese Teas


We invite you to browse this site to learn about the fascinating world of fine teas, and to shop our carefully selected assortment of top teas and tea accessories from around the world.


Strand Tea company
At Strand Tea Company we have good tea for every budget and taste. Strand Tea is an importer, blender and distributor of premium teas since 1997. At Strand Tea, customer service is guided by a single principle: we treat our customers as we want to be treated.

We are passionate about the entire process of achieving the finest cup of coffee - from acquiring the
highest quality arabica beans, to roasting exclusively on gas-fired coffee roasters. Through a combination
of art and science we roast each specific bean to its most desirable flavor characteristic.

To introduce the world to Chinese culture, the Beijing Olympic Committee created the Beijing Olympic Tea House showcasing the best teas in China. From hundreds of competitors, the white teas of Shang and his partner were selected to be the only white tea suppliers of the Beijing Olympic Tea House.

http://www.skip4tea.com/ Tea brokers in Malaysia

Sweet Maria's would like to be your information source and green coffee supplier for your home coffee roasting adventures.
We have Espresso equipment and a great selection of espresso accessories. We have a selection of excellent electric Coffee Mills, and hand-operated coffee mills are not for everyone, but we sell the best: German-made Zassenhaus mills.
And we offer a variety of coffee brewing equipment: Cona vacuum coffee brewers, Chemex drip brewers, Bodum French presses, and simple pour-over drip supplies. Cleaning supplies, coffee bags, travel bottles ... we have quite a lot of coffee stuff, and each has been tested and used before we decide to stock it ...

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is dedicated to providing the freshest, most unique coffees in the world, roasted by hand in small batches. Believing in the social, environmental, and economic benefits of sustainable business leads us to not only support coffee farms that are committed to the well being of their workers, land, and water, it also compels us to be a sustainable business in our own community.

http://tealeaves.com Pricey but they have nice tins and through instructions on brewing

TeaSpring is an online tea merchant dedicated in providing you with the finest and highly acclaimed Chinese teas. We are a group of Chinese tea lovers eager to share with you our enthusiasm for this delicious yet very healthy beverage. Our teas are guaranteed fresh as we ship them directly to you from Asia. Our customers' satisfaction are our number one priority! Try us.

At Teavana, we only offer the best quality teas and tea accessories. From first flush teas to handmade Japanese Cast Iron, we believe in selling only the best.

Tea Gschwendner
At TeaGschwendner we share a passion for excellent teas. We see ourselves as tea ambassadors, scouring tea gardens across the globe in search of true excellence. Also at http://www.tgtea.com/ and http://www.teamerchants.com



Totally TEA-riffic is an online loose tea retailer. We sell premium loose leaf teas that are in the top 10% of their growing region. Totally TEA-riffic offers black loose tea, green loose tea, oolong (wu long) loose tea, white loose tea, rooibos loose tea, chai loose tea, and herb and fruit tisane loose leaf tea. We also offer many artisan (flowering) teas.

Tuochatea.com was founded in Kunming by Import & Export Department of the corporation, it is part of Yunnan Litongyuan Trading Co., Ltd. The purpose of this site is to offer a credible source of information on the subject of Yunnan Tuocha Tea, here you will find the finest Pu-erh

Texas Coffee People is a specialty coffee community site for Texas.


Upton Tea Imports was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing the North American tea drinker with the finest teas available. We purchase teas from reputable brokers and estates worldwide, dealing only with sources who are capable of providing top quality teas. We sell directly to the consumer, thus ensuring the freshest product and fairest pricing.


White Rock Coffee. Exquisite coffee blends, single origin coffees, fair trade and organic coffee. White Rock Coffee can ship our premium freshly roasted coffees direct to you when you buy coffee online from our store.

http://Yunnansourcing.com *
Yunnan Sourcing: Scott's new website.
er Teas and accessories."Yunnan Sourcing is a small company based out of Kunming, Yunnan. As an avid tea enthusiast and collector myself, my goal is to offer you the best pu-erh and other teas on the market. Living in Kunming, I taste the newest products myself and deal directly with producers to avoid counterfeits. I charge competitive prices as a small business with low overhead and very low shipping and handling. Yunnan Sourcing Ebay Site


* Member of B&B
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