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Your favorite Instant Coffee?

Your favorite Instant Coffee

  • Starbucks VIA

  • Nescafe

  • Folgers

  • Maxwell House

  • Taster's Choice

  • Other

  • Never drink Instant Coffee

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I drink Instant almost exclusively. My first choice Nescafe Sunrise premium- from India (available in Indian grocery stores off and on)- it is a chicory blend. Prices seem to be going up in the last 4 months or so. Second choice if I cant get the first. Nescafe Classico - available in almost all grocery stores in California.
Lately, I've been drinking a brand called Beaumont, from Aldi supermarket ... 8oz for $2.99. Really cheap, and quite decent. Not quite as much caffeine kick as I'd like, but I put in an extra large serving to make up for it, along with 2 teaspoons of Turbinado sugar, 12oz of water and 2 oz of Half-n-Half for my morning coffee ... then I make another one in a travel mug to take to work.

Before that, I was buying Trader Joe's Columbian. 3.5 oz for $2.99, and it tasted really good. But this Beaumont stuff is less than half the price.

Both of them blow away regular brands like Folgers and Maxwell House.

Trader Joe and Aldi are both part of the same corporation ... coincidence that both their instant coffees are so good?
I voted Starbucks VIA. I tried the Italian roast the last time I was camping and it was pretty good. As others have noted, it's rather expensive, and so I wouldn't drink it every day - or even very frequently at all for that matter. But it works for those times when you might need a cup in a hurry. And it actually tastes like coffee.
I have the double whammy of having little time to make coffee, AND the Doc has ordered me off of caffeine... completely.

Instant and caffeine-free... bad + bad.

However, I recently picked up the Mexican Nescafe Clasico decaf. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I think I'm going to give the Cafe Bustelo decaf a shot
A month or so back I tried Buen Dia by Juan Valdez from the local Wally World...it is now my choice of instant caffeinated beverages.
The only time I've had instant coffee I was instantly surprised how unpleasant the flavor was. Personally, I will set my alarm earlier and avoid the stuff.
Just a follow up.

Tried Kava and it's not bad.
Has somewhat of a malt like taste to it.

Also saw this on sale at the supermarket so I gave it a try.
Pretty good for instant.

Taste similar to Kava.
In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same stuff.
made my own civil era instant coffee. called: essence of coffee. mix instant coffee with water into a thick paste then add one can of sweet and condensed milk. add to hot water to taste.
Whenever you go to a meeting or somewhere you are received, they always bring out a cup of tea. Since I am a foreigner, they invariably bring out a cup of coffee. I prefer tea but as to not make the tea lady lose face, I just end up drinking it. In my experience Nescafe is probably my "can drink without wanting to spit" coffee. Japanese people really do love their instant coffee though. Maxim is also another really popular brand.

The best instant I've ever had is UCC from Japan.
Not bad indeed.
Maxim is also another really popular brand.
I drank my body weight in Maxim coffee mix while I was in Korea, I also filled half my luggage with it and eventually ran out. My favorite was the original, the mocha gold had too much sugar and cream in it. At $0.10 a stick you can't beat it.
I switched to "french cafe" brand because it had a stronger coffee taste and I was worried about getting diabetes from the maxim.

It was awesome every grocery store had a whole shelf devoted to instant coffee. I was only there long enough to try 3 brands.
When in Singapore our business partners drank Gold Roast 3-in-1. I've become a coffee snob but thought this stuff was good. The regular Kopi from a shop or restaurant used condensed milk and was delicious.