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Your favorite Instant Coffee?

Your favorite Instant Coffee

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  • Nescafe

  • Folgers

  • Maxwell House

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Instant coffee is a compromise, but is very popular due to its convenience. I was curious what others preferred and why. Whether they drink it black, or if they include cream and/or sugar.

At my office we have a nice hot water machine, perfect for instance coffee, so I have been augmenting my brewed coffee intake with a series of instant coffees to find out what I like best. Earlier this year I asked for advice Tea recommendation for the coffee addict? and got some good tips, but thus far I have not found an instant tea that can replace my morning coffee. I prefer to take my coffee black.

I started out with Starbucks Via, definitely the best so far but more expensive than I want for everyday coffee. Next I tried a jar of Nescafe, it was almost good and might be my next favorite choice. 3rd test was Folgers Instant, which tastes a lot different from Nescafe, a little sweeter, but okay one some level. I can see why some would prefer Folgers, but at this point I have slight preference for Nescafe. Currently I am on my 4th different variety, a jar of Maxwell House. It is my least favorite thus far, but I suspect with cream and/or sugar it would be one of the best.

In the future I am planning to try the cold brew method, the kind that sits in the refrigerator overnight and mix it with hot water to simulate a real brewed cup. But I was interested in what you have found that works.


I think instant is awful, but that Starbucks VIA product (the Italian Roast variety) is not half bad.
I'm not a big instant fan. But, Nescafe is my go-to when I'm camping or having to evacuate due to a hurricane (and staying with non-coffee drinking relatives).
I voted "other" because my favorite is "Jacobs cronat gold", although at the moment I'm sipping my cup of Maxwell coffe.

Confession time:

I drink way too much coffee. I was raised to drink coffee all day: morning, noon and night. At work, I probably average a dozen cups a day. Like most, the coffee at work is terrible. I used to brew my own with 1T paper filters. A few years of that and I became tired of the hassle. So a few months back I switched to instant. (gasp).

Yes, I drink instant coffee. Yes, I realize that it is not coffee. Yes, I realize the mundane nature of my choice. And yes, I am fine with my decision.

My drink of choice is the Cafe Bustelo Espresso. Others that are better than they have right to be, IMHO: Cafe Bustelo Supremo, Medaglia D'Oro espresso and Community Coffee's New Orleans Blend w/ chicory. Nescafe Clasico is okay in a pinch. Taster's Choice, Folger's, Maxwell House and the rest are complete garbage. Swill.

So let loose the arrows, no worries.

Actually, I am going to fetch another cup right now. :yesnod:
Sorry, can't stand the stuff. I use tea bags instead, usually English Breakfast, or some other strong tea. Also make green tea at work using the hot water tap on the coffee maker.
I clicked Nescafe for Nescafe Classico, found in the Latin American grocery section of most grocery stores. It is what it is, but it's got some flavor, and the price is right.

However, I understand they are going to change the bottle shape....and I wonder what else they might change.

At present, it's in a wide kind of squat bottle.
Actually there really is no need to go full Instant coffee. Folgers makes Tea Bag coffee singles that take the same amount of time to make an instant cup... you have to heat the water regardless... and a few dips of the Coffee/Tea bag makes a great cup in a pinch.
Haven't tried too many of them, but I have had the VIA they were giving out when it launched. It is alright. Too expensive IMO.

I don't have a need for instant as I have a Keurig at the house. I can have a fresh cup in a matter of minutes. Even before the Keurig, I used an electric kettle and a Melitta single cup brewer. Probably took all of a few minutes to brew a fresh cup of coffee, and that included grinding a few tablespoons worth of fresh grounds. I used to have a set up like that at my old office as well. The current job has a much more formal office, and I just bring my morning coffee with me. If I need an extra cup in the afternoon (try not to), I can hit up the cafeteria, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts if I want to walk a couple blocks.
but I have had the VIA they were giving out when it launched. It is alright. Too expensive IMO.
I got a sample from my barista when it was first announced, and Via is the best cup of instant I ever had. It even tasted better than fresh-brewed at many places.

I waited anxiously for six months until they were available at retail. I bought one 12-pack, but the price was a big turn-off. Its a great cup of coffee, but not at 75c a pop. I never bought it again.

I do give them big kudos for making individual servings. One problem I have with most coffees, and instant in particular, is that they go stale too quickly. With the single packets, you always get a fresh tasting cup.
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I'm currently drinking Trader Joe's Instant Columbian every morning for breakfast, and I like to keep 2 or 3 more jars in the cupboard in reserve.

Its a little more expensive than other brands. $3.49 for 3.5 ounces. But the quality and flavor is worth it, and its packed in a glass jar. Every time I dump in a spoonful into hot water, I get "crema" floating on the top. No other instant gives me that.

I've found that if I put in a packet of silica dessicant, it helps to keep the coffee fresh all the way to the end of the jar. Otherwise, it will start smelling and tasting stale after its been opened a week or so.
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