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Rate your SE razors on whatever scale you choose. Just the order of the ones you most enjoy for any reason. I have only two, both ACs. Well, 3 if you include the different heads for the Vector.

1) Paradigm SE Ti - this is undoubtedly the smoothest razor in my collection of SEs and DEs. It's simply an autopilot razor, and the ergonomics are tops as well. Sadly, it's no longer made.

2) Vector SS OC - the most nimble razor in my collection, though it doesn't approach the smoothness of the Paradigm. I really enjoy Shane's OC plates for both the Vector and the BB. They provide a nice scratchy feel.

3) Vector SS SB - maybe a bit smoother than the OC and no scratch. I might pick up the Lite but I don't know if it would really be all that different.

I'm eying a couple more though I'm not sure when I'll pull the trigger.
They provide a nice scratchy feel.



I shaved a fortune
Mine are easy to rank, though I use #3 around my nose for every single shave.

1. La Faulx Classic in both premium polished bronze and polished stainless steel. The SS La Faulx is my "travel razor". LOL
2. ATT X1.
3. ESC/Alpha Shaving Claymore Evolution.
I got a Yaqi Romulus from a PIF table at Maggards Meet up a few weeks ago. With a Kai mild AC blade it gives a smooth close shave. That wide AC blade makes it like an industrial lawn mower that gets the job done quick. Next in line would be a vintage 1912 Gem razor. Same kind of performance.
La Faulx is my number one. It is super smooth, highly efficient (++ plate) and leaves my skin silky smooth.

Selling all my other AC razors.
1912 ER “Squat Head”

Rating: 8 out of 10

Razor Blades: IMHO. Shaves best with GEM PTFE SS blade. My daily blade. I get 3-5 shaves. If I switch and put it in my 1924 Shovel head, I could squeeze 1-2 more shaves, if I like

Size & Length of handle: Fits well under the nose. Can get a little slippery when wet. I prefer shorter handles with some heft to them. Not to heavy, not to lite.

Aggressiveness: Moderately Aggressive.

Ease of use: once you find the angles that work for you, easy to use.

Shave: Smooth, comfortable, efficient and non threatening.

Cleaning: Easy to clean with liquid soap using a small brush. Spray with alcohol.

Storage: comes with nice metal case.
I have 2 Gems, a G handle and a 1912. Both were only around 20 bucks a piece and they are in very nice condition. These razors have held up very well

If I had to rate them, I would give them a 6 out of 10. They both give similar, comfortable, safe shaves, but I need a lot of touching up, so hence a 6. I think most of my DE razors do a bit better. But hey are in my rotation because they are so cool!
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