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Would you like to try the newest aftershave?

Version 2 just hit my cheeks. The scent is much more noticeable! The menthol is still spot on. I'm much happier with this version. The face feel is better than with Floid Blue.

I love Floid Blue. It's the aftershave that I use for special occasions, because I love the scent. FB has a powdery, citrusey, fresh linen smell that is hard to find in any aftershave, but I think the CC Blue is a damn fine scent and I would add it to my regular rotation.
Got the revised version yesterday and used it this morning. My comments are in line with those of other users.

It's a subtle refinement for a subtle product, but the difference is tangible.
I think it's differentiated from the likes of Lúcido now...it's a got a je ne sais quoi quality.

So it's a worthy addition to the line. I'd call Venture my favorite*, but this one makes for a good teammate. Rating: 9/10.

* I also loved the now-discontinued North -- good thing I still have a fair bit left.
I used a generous amount of the new batch this morning. The scent is still subtle but more noticeable then the first version. Got a comment of 'smells good' from the better half which is a plus. The face feel is really cool and likable on this.

I am undecided if I would purchase it or not so far.
Second use of the revised “Blue” today. I used a bit more than normal just to see. It projected a tad longer, but mostly is still just a nice skin level scent.

Used a bit more and paired it with Proraso Red AS...now that was a winner combo!
My second use today and like others used a bit more. My wife loved the scent. (I am scent challenged so unless it has a strong scent - such as Clubman - I am not a good guide.) She said she smelled some citrus and that it had a "clean" scent, whatever that is. To me, it just has a pleasant, mild scent.

I did detect a bit more menthol. I applied it to my shaved head and face and it really feels nice going on. I could use this in place of WH. I really like this version and if it goes on sale will buy it.
Shaved and used the second batch last night. Scent is stronger. Much closer to what I have experienced with other Captain's Choice aftershaves. My wife is still not a fan of the scent, she gives it a 3/10. I initially smelled a lot of menthol when I applied it, menthol level seems a bit higher in this version but still not an unpleasant level. Didn't cause eye watering for me. I always like the face feel of the Captain's aftershaves, this second batch keeps in line with that. Performance is solid, I'd give that part an 8 or 9 out of 10. From a scent perspective, I'd probably have to still give it a 5 or a 6/10. A bit more powder than I'd like. I didn't detect any citrus when I applied it, really it was just menthol and powder and another fairly sweet scent note. Don't know how this compares to Floid blue in scent. It seems the other gents enjoy the scent, especially if they're Floid blue fans. So, it sounds like this would be a success if that was your goal. I think it could stand to have a bit stronger scent still, but it is definitely much better in its current incarnation. Would I buy it? Not at this time. I have too many products as it is, so it has to really wow me to obtain entry at this point.

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After a couple of shaves, I'm still going with my original opinions. The scent is much stronger, but still mild, and still does not linger long. With the new formulation, I can still detect it up to 30 minutes. Face feel is still excellent and menthol is just right.

This would go well with most "blue/aqua/water" types of EdT or Cologne. However, I'm not a huge fan of those kinds of scents and therefore would not be a customer for this AS. Also, SWMBO did not care much for it...too "old man" for her liking.
I have given the second sample several shaves. I also stand by my original review. The menthol and post shave are spot on. The scent is stronger on this sample than the first sample. But for me, the scent could still use a bump. Also the scent longevity is not where I would like it. I will wear a light scent, but it’s the only scent I am wearing, so I would like more longevity. Would I buy it? Not at this time.

With that said, I do appreciate being given the opportunity to test and review. Thank you @Captain Pre-Capsize!
I've tried "no name" version 2 twice now & I have found the second version slightly stronger than the first. I find that the menthol level is about right, but the AS is still short on scent. I found that after 1/2 hour, it was no longer noticeable. It is easy on the face after a shave and the initial scent is pleasant - "powdery" is a good description. I think this after shave could have a market but not for me. I prefer something with a longer lasting scent. Thanks for the opportunity to try this out.
Thanks guys, for all your help - it is appreciated more than you would imagine. Stay tuned here in our sub-forum for the forthcoming unveiling. We have been hard at work on the label design and have a most excellent name selected. The name is oh, so right. Believe me, it is not easy to find a name not already taken! In fact, we had a name selected and label design finished. After considering it for a week I tossed it out as not being a good fit with the brand. Then pivoted to the name we ended up with and it seems ideal.

Based on your feedback and on the performance of the aftershave, the emphasis will be on it being a menthol aftershave with Floid Blue in the background. I'll be transparent here and say that some months ago when I began development it was the opposite - all about nailing that Blue scent and adding menthol at just the right amount. Funny how things turn out sometimes but if you just roll with it, no worries.

Come to think of it I may just run a contest and see if you can guess the name. The winner gets a free bottle! Maybe a clue each day until the correct answer is guessed. Hmmm.... sounds fun to me!
"Winter Is Coming"
"Blue Frost"

Well, that is amazing. "Blue Frost" was the working name for it. This is a shot of my test bottle with batch info on it that I pulled off the shelf. (The label is actually a Venture label with a post-it note on top of it.) We even had the label designed and were set to have them printed but then at the very last minute...

I pulled up our site and sat there gazing at our store. "Bay Rum, Sandalwood, Lime, Venture, Cat O' Nine Tails." Then I tried to visualize Blue Frost and it just "clanked" in my head for some reason. Not fitting in with our vibe at all. So cancel the designer, stop the printing press and back to square one. Only then did I revisit what was my short list and there sat "Nor'easter." So it was renamed but with the added line under the name saying, "Menthol." Kind of like Cat O' Nine Tails says, "Feel the burn" underneath. Same deal. I knew right away that was it. So it is a process that can't be rushed along but once you are settled you don't have second thoughts.

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