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Win a Simpsons brush at Shavetools.com this August

Great contest. Thanks for the opportunity. I haven't been to your store before but I will definitely check it out. Alt Innsbruk is on my short list.
Haven't purchased anything yet but I'm eyeing some of the different shave brushes you have. Probably one of the Omega models.
I'm in, I've ordered a couple times from you via Amazon and have always had great service. I think my current favorite is Tabac soap.

Thanks Sargon
I wasn't familiar with your site before stumbling upon this thread. I will be sure to check it out for a future purchase...possibly FaTip Piccolo.
I haven't bought anything as I just got my first DE yesterday but I am looking at that Captain's Choice Bay Rum AS and Soap!
I'm in. I got my Vie Long 12601 from Shavetools via Amazon. Funny how the wife was interested in that purchase since she has horses. Enough about that, very fast shipping as I ordered a few items from equidistant vendors and this was the first item I received by a couple of days.
Thanks for the contest and chance!

I've been eyeballing a Merkur 1904 Open Comb or the Merkur Travel razor.

I could use the travel more, but that 1904 keeps catching my eye. Just really like the look of that one.
I just found out that shavetools has Personna injector blades. If I can get confirmation these work in Schick Injectors, that may just be my very next order.
I'm new here and this is my first post. Love the site. I may need some preshave products and possible a sample pack of razors.
Please consider me. While I haven't purchased anything yet, I am looking to add a razor and synthetic brush for travelling. Possibly the Weishi and Omega Synthetic you have in stock now. Thanks for the contest.
Very nice web store! I'm in. I'd definitely look to purchase a variety of your Col. Conk soaps once my stash is depleted. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
Thanks for the contest. I have not had the pleasure of working with your company in the past but, will certainly keep you in mind for future purchases. Spent some time lookng around the site you have some great products and very competitive pricing. Too much stuff I want to list it all but, if I had to pick one the

Alt-Innsbruck After Shave Balm 100ml looks very tempting.

THanks for your generosity and the opportunity for the brush.
I've not had the pleasure to shop through your company before however I do currently have my eyes on an Ikon DLC Slant and some Gillette 7 o'clock (yellow) blades, both of which you carry. I have also been reading some good things about the Petal Pushers Soaps and it appears as though you have those as well. Those 3 items would certainly make for a great first order.

I'm in.