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GIVEAWAY! PIF 3 Brushes (3 Winners) ends Sep 10, 2022

Thanks to the generosity of some fellow B&B members, I have been inspired to give away some of my seldom used items. The items offered in this PIF are 3 brushes: a Simpson Trafalgar T1, a Muhle Vivo Black Fiber v2, and a Sawdust Creation Studios Chocolate Goodness 26mm Silverfox.

How this works:

Think of it like three separate raffles where each brush is a separate raffle. Each participant gets *ONE* ticket. You enter the raffle by replying with “I’m in” and the name of the brush you like. At the end of the week (sometime at my whim on Saturday 9/10) I will choose 3 winners, one for each brush, using random.org. 🎲

Who is eligible:

Any CONUS members who have at least 50 “quality” posts. By quality, I mean, you’ve contributed something useful here besides entering PIFs.

How to enter:

Pick the *ONE* brush you like and reply with “I’m in” and the name of the brush you’re interested in (Simpson, Muhle, Sawdust). 1️⃣

Just to be clear, if you say something like “I don’t care which brush” or “I’ll take whatever brush is available” I can guarantee you won’t win. :facep:

Good luck! 🤞

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Amazing PIF! Respectfully not in. I bet those fine brushes have seen their fair share of fine SW soaps!
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