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GIVEAWAY! PIF 3 Brushes (3 Winners) ends Sep 10, 2022

The Sawmill arrived today and I am very happy with the brush. I can now say I own a synthetic. Thanks once again @Eben Stone! With having very little experience with this type of knot the past year (or any type of knot really) I am quickly learning what I like and I am enjoying the synthetic knot more and more I find. Fast to dry, no prep time and all I have tried at least provide a pleasant experience to say the least whether I splay out or paint. I only have 1 other synthetic to compare this too and its a loaner Paladin 26mm lemon drop Ken let me try while talking shop one day. I'll start with the handle. I was pleasantly surprised at how weighty this was and I couldn't be happier. Also, my first wooden handle btw. I am a bigger guy and I like heavier things. This feels like quality, just all around sturdy and the little coin in the bottem is pretty cool as well. The shape of this handle a year ago would have deterd me as I astheticaly like stockier style of brush but my hands are bad and I've learned this style feels much comfortable and therfore less crampy and slippy if makes sense. I will deffiniatly be searching this style or similar handles in future as this handle confirmes that I much prefer this to what I previously thought I liked. Time to thin the heard! The knot feels like a cloud compared to my boars and few badgers I own. This whipped up a luxurious lather in no time. While this does not spray as well as the paladin knot it more than adequately gets the job done and was pleasure to use on my head and face. I was lathering my head and face so long the SWMBO popped her head out the shower and asked what I was doing! Lol All in all I know this is a long lil review and I don't have any fancy knots or knowledge of the new G5 Timberwolves or whatever the "kids" are calling em these days 😉lol but I am grateful for the opportunity to try something new, share my thoughts and give this brush a good and permanent home. As for the shave, the Gillette Bulldog performed as expected... GREAT w/ a fresh Gillette Nacet. Dare I say a proper bbs for head and face in 2 pass one WTG and one ATG. WSP Olympus on the noggin and Ethos Santal on the face. I did use some Balm that wasn't pictured and it was the unscented Paladin. Happy shaves everyone.


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