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Giveaway - Father’s Day PIF

Hey guys I started wet shaving in February for my birthday and joined B&B the same month. I have learned so much from everyone here and have received a couple PIFs along the way.

As a token of my appreciation, and to celebrate Father’s Day, I would like to PIF a few things:

1) Art of Shaving Sandalwood pre-shave oil. I used it twice and I feel it’s too viscous so would like someone else to get good use out of it.
2) WhollyKaw Renegade aftershave balm. I love the smell and think it’s a great product but my face seems to break out when I use it. Had been used a few times.
3) Leaf unscented shave soap. Never used.
4) Shaving Revolution TTO razor. Used 1x.
5) No name adjustable razor. The cap comes off to load the blade. I didn’t use it and in all honesty I didn’t like it because the cap seemed like it would pop off easily. I got it for less than $10 on some app.
6) Parker razor blades 5 pack sealed.
7) RK razor blades x3.

It’s not a ton but my den is still growing. Sorry but CONUS only please. I’ll put the post numbers that want to be included into a hat and let my daughter pick a winning number since she is graduating high school this week.

Open to everyone.
If you would like to participate just message “Happy Father’s Day”.

Thanks again to the B&B community!

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