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Win a Free Vie-Long 13061 Premium Horsehair Brush!


In honor of the new site, we're giving away a free Vie-Long 13061 Premium Horsehair Shaving Brush!

To enter just go to our site, Shavetools.com and click on the little "Like us on Facebook" button (it is on the left side of the page, right above our link to B&B, in fact.), then post in this thread telling us something you'd like to see us carry in the future, or, if you're more the strong, silent type, you can just post "I would like to join the contest!"

The contest will run until the end of the month. The winner will be determined randomly. First place will receive the brush. Second place will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to Shavetools.com. Also, while it isn't required, we'd love it if you'd stop by our Facebook Page to say hi.

P.S. In case you're having trouble finding the button, you can just follow the arrow!



"I would like to join the contest!", You have a nice selection of items, maybe add some bowls or scuttles.
Thanks for a generous PIF and a new site!
I would like to join the contest... It's tough to suggest a new product, there's nothing I'm looking for at the moment.
Please count me in and thanks. I would suggest a wider variety of shaving brushes for your website. Thanks!
"I would like to join the contest!" good luck with the new site hope it increases your business & viability!
I would like to join the contest. Maybe since you have Razorock Alum and Clubman talc, you could carry more of each of those product lines.
I would like to join the contest! I agree with RailroadMan about having more Razorock products. Also, more aftershaves would be great such as Osage Rub and Alcolado Glacial. And maybe that new Proraso Blue tube that someone spotted in Italy. Thanks for the great contest.
I would like to join the contest! In the future I would love to see Fitjar shaving creams and soap. Just because thats one of my favorite creams (haven't tried the soap yet) And I want those products to be available for as many people as possible
I would like to join the contest. I noticed you had Razorock XXX, what about the rest of the Razorock line.

I'd like to join the contest.

If you could sell Perma-Sharp blades that would be great, it's tough finding sellers stateside that carry them.
I would like to join the contest please! I always like to see a good selection of classic aftershaves - bay rums, The Veg, Osage Rub, etc.