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Win a Free Vie-Long 13061 Premium Horsehair Brush!

I would like to join this contest. I only saw a link to +1 on Google (which I did). Still learning about and acquiring quality shaving gear, so I don't really have anything to suggest.
Liked your page.Instead of a product suggestion I would suggest free shipping . I think people like that very much.
Congratulations for the new website!
The Muhle hjm synthetic brush is very good and not very expensive but I didn't see a single US retailer selling it.
I would like to join the contest!

Stopped by your site as well. Looks good with nice clear pictures! Thanks for your generosity with this contest!


Think you could do very well with the Fatip Razors, and very cool that you carry injector and SE blades, you sir, have been bookmarked !
I would love to join the contest! I think it's great that you have a variety of SE and injector blades, I haven't seen that on very many sites. I've bookmarked your site, it's very nice! :)
I think it would be great to have persona reds, or med preps. Very cool site i hope you do well with it, please enter me into the drawing!
I would like to join the contest!
I'd be interested to see the Vie-Long hair combs.
Thanks for the contest Sargon and I like the look of the new site.