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The Nine Reason PIF

Okay, gents (and ladies present) -- it seems we have reached a kind of post 'terminal velocity', the point at which you got all you're gonna get. If there is anyone else who hasn't entered and would like to by all means please do!

In the absence of more entries/activity I'll close this PIF tomorrow afternoon and get the winners sorted out.

For the record, I know terminal velocity refers to a falling object, the medium through which it falls, and . . . here's is my lynchpin . . . the point at which it stops accelerating. I liked the metaphorical feel of it.
As my first official Thursday act I pronounce this PIF closed.

The feedback and narratives all served the purpose I'd hoped for when premeditating this PIF. I had hopes of giving those who read or participated at least a few moments of levity, of reflection upon those events and people who can take us aloft and lift us above the static and buzz which so seem so present in every day waking life. Remembering doesn't always have to hurt, although it certainly can sting for sure.

I have been touched, even moved, by not only those who shared their love here but also by the unforeseen generosity of the membership. Being human isn't always easy, but with Hope's sweet embrace and Love's never-ending Siren song you have all displayed the best of our very selves -- you have given color to the pencil sketch of our better angels. I am grateful to all who took the time to read this thread.

And now for what everyone really wants to know . . . who gets the goods?

Well, we had but a singular international entry, so @alin shall be getting one of these kits, all the way over in Romania!

We had just three CONUS entries; I really wish I could pack up a kit for each of you . . .


I used Google's random number generator which bestowed @jaro 101969 with the U.S. box!

I shall be messaging the winners, getting addresses, and popping these packages in the mail very soon!

Thank you very much, everyone, for your comments, support, and collective spirit during this PIF. I do believe my Belle Dea is, indeed, honored.

Thank you and congrats to @alin for your international win and also thanks to @DEPenguin for putting on this PIF and to you other guys who provided the international shipping so everyone everywhere had a chance. As I stated previously this stuff will make me think of your story every time it is used @DEPenguin and the soaps have already been partially claimed by my wife because she want to try them out too !! ( She thinks she might like the scents ).so she will be getting some of the soaps... Again thank you for your openess in telling us your story and for this.
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I am delighted that both you and your wife will be using these. I have a feeling she will really like Coquette, but probably the Coate's Creams, too.
I think she will like some of the creams and I will probably use the lime cream with maybe some Pinaud Lime Sec or something like that..
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