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Win a Free Vie-Long 13061 Premium Horsehair Brush!

I would like to join the contest. Thanks and good luck on the cite, perhaps some Thayers witch hazel solutions would round things out a bit? Also perhaps an "Accessories" link for things that don't neatly fall in a category (like Razorblade banks--another item to carry) or towels which you have in after shave/pre shave.
The contest ended.
"I would like to join the contest!" The only recomendations i can give are to carry a larger selection of shaving brushes as well as sell MWF. I don't know how MWF lathers with horsehair, but I saw that there were also badger and boar brushes as well. Thanks for the opportunity, as well as the excitement! /crosses fingers

if you're more the strong, silent type, you can just post "I would like to join the contest!"
Okay I guess I need to give my impressions of this brush. I have used it since the "Blind Blade Test" ended around 20 August 2012. I really like it a lot! I bowl lather exclusively and it does a great job of whipping an awesome lather. The brush is scritchy but not too scritchy for my tastes. It has great flow through. And the quality of the brush is amazing. I love the feel of the handle in my hand and I have not lost a hair. I would recommend this brush highly!

$Vie Long SOTD02 R.jpg
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