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Win a Free Vie-Long 13061 Premium Horsehair Brush!

I would like to join the contest. Thank you. Good luck with the new site!
I would like to join the contest!
I can't think of anything you can add to your site, as I am very new to DE shaving. I will be checking out your site in the future when I need something, though. Thank you for the contest!
I would like to join the contest!

I'd like to see boxes of 100 SuperMax Super Platinum blades being stocked.
I tried to use coupon for second place keeps saying it is invalid. What am I doing wrong or did you give me wrong code?
It appears the winners have been contacted by PM. Congrats to bwhite and to whomever won the brush. Nice contest Sargon.
The brush arrived today, it is a beautiful brush. I am involved in a "Blind Blade Test" on another forum, because of this I cannot alter my set-up until the blade testing is complete. I will try to do a couple of test lathers tonight. But it will be at least 08/20 until I can put this brush into my rotation, giving it the workout it deserves. Darn-it... :a52::incazzato:mad2:
Hi, visited your site and facebook page. Would love to join in for a chance to win the contest! I also would love to see some scuttles.
I would like to join the contest. Thanks and good luck on the cite, perhaps some Thayers witch hazel solutions would round things out a bit? Also perhaps an "Accessories" link for things that don't neatly fall in a category (like Razorblade banks--another item to carry) or towels which you have in after shave/pre shave.