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Why no love for the "green box"

New to wet shaving, so I've been trying many different blades searching for what works best. Today I loaded up my r106 for the first time with a Gillette 7 o'clock green and had the best shave so far. The blade was very smooth and quite sharp. Zero nicks, absolutely no razor burn and BBS with three passes. Just wondering why this blade doesn't get more love. I may have found my daily driver!

Or maybe everything seems great immediately following a Derby?!
I have hundreds of Russian and Indian green o'clocks. I would have to say that the Indian ones perform better for me but the Russian blades are no slouch either

I have a box of the Russians. I've tried Astra, Merkur, Derby, Feather and Silver Blue so far and I thing the Green Box is my favorite of these. Have quite a few to try yet, though.
Thanks for the input, gents. I guess I'm not crazy.

After reading reviews, I'm also going to try the yellow box, Polsilver and Israeli Personna's.
That's just great. Another blade to try. Where does one purchase the Russian version? Not like I need to as I just ordered 1k of blades. :eek:
I've tried the India version of the Green blade and for me in my razor it was just an average blade. It pulled a little for me but still gave me a nice shave. It wasn't a bad blade at all.
I just prefer the Yellows, Blacks, and Silver Blues to the Green blade. They just seem a lot sharper and work much better for me personally.
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