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Why is shaving such a topic?

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I got into traditional wet shaving because of looking for a knife sharpening device review on You-tube and came across reviews on old double edge razors my father used .
6 years later still learning about SE & DE razors and it just became a hobby after 2 years of shaving , at first I was thinking it would save me money. After learning how to shave properly and saving money trimming my own hair and just buying DE & SE blades and razors.
I can honestly say after 6 years of trimming my own hair and saving on razor cartridges and gel I have broken even $$$ wise. Some will laugh at that suggestion I know but it can be done very quickly if a person just buys a adjustable razor and 100pcs of good DE blades + a synthetic brush and just enjoy traditional shaving. (Watch out for shaving product Rabbit holes along the way:cuppa:.)
Trimming my own hair and not buying cartridges and shave gel saves me, 30 dollars a month for haircuts & $60 for cartridges and gel per yr= 12(30)X(6)+ 6(60)= $2,520.00 savings that mostly bought traditional shaving products as it became my new hobby while retired.
A person can save a money over time and by staying disciplined when buying, I have lots of blades, razors and soaps to last years and that is future savings, it can be done!
My old job demanded I be shaved daily for dawning SCPA for emergency equipment work as a maintenance worker in oil & gas and pulp paper industries.

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I think I'll start a thread about "Navel Lint". Who collects it? What qualities do you look for?
New 'Clubs and Brotherhoods'. "BONL". Brotherhood Of Navel Lint".


I'm with ya brother here's my collection

Screenshot_20230618_204056_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20230618_204056_Samsung Internet.jpg


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How else would I know of all the items I need to buy?

Seriously I think there are probably forums out there for every idea under the sun.


We are all fellow brother's and sister's here at B&B. We carry each other through these rough times, and insure, that each one of us makes it to that rabbit hole. For no self respecting B&B'er would show any level of restraint, we help each other to spend our money. And as crazy as it all sounds, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And lastly, @Rhody I appreciate having cool members like you around on B&B. Were on a ship like the Enterprise, only were the alternate version of that called, The B&B Shaving Emporium. Yep, she was crissined with an aftershave bottle believe it or not, the roaches scattered, and the tribbles left dodge. Then again, I think thats when we brought the Arko out.

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Thinking about myself, i started to read some posts, after my father in law had passed. He was a 90 year old British gentleman, with a treasure trove of life experience. And every time we had the chance we would sit down with a good cigar and happily chat away. It was him who showed me how to use a straight razor, shared his preferences between T&H, TOBS and Trumpers, and passed on the information of a new find.
You must count yourself fortunate to have a father-in-law with so much wisdom and a willingness to share. Thank you for sharing this story!
For me, shaving is a routine where one takes care of himself. It a way, it is similar to wearing a clean, well maintained and ironed white shirt. Or making sure the shoes and in good condition and polished. Having a well groomed beard is also a topic discussed on forums.

Now, I have always been a wet shaver and my father has been a DE user since he was in the army, although he doesn’t sees them as collectible items.

The real reason why I am on this forum is because I wanted to learn more about straight razors, and while I am a straight razor user for about five years, I’ve been reading the forum since then, but never created an account.

Truth be told, since I made the account, I have learned a great deal, especially in soaps and brushes, where I believe I was really lacking knowledge.


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Because it's a "shaving forum".

I'm guessing if you looked, you'd find Reddit forums on everything from Hot Dogs to Dental Floss.

It's the internet, there is a forum and discussion for anything you can think of.

To quote myself from years ago:

I kid you not:

Why does it have to be NAVAL Lint? My Marine Belly Button Lint isn’t good enough?

Oh, Navel with an “E”…belay my last! 😂

I've always enjoyed this style or format of forum for years. All of varying interests. Trucks, motorcycles, hiking, current events, health issues, etc.
A shaving youtuber recommended here and another forum when I asked what were some of the shaving forums he was talking about.
Chose this place because I don't have it in me to do two shaving forums. And this place seemed best. It's also the same software as another forum I spend time on. But must say I've been here 90% of the time now.
This place helped me spend a lot of money in recent weeks. I'm also enjoying and getting the best shaves of my life, finally, in my 50's.
The ritualistic nature of it is what appeals to a certain kind of person; their level and character of engagement reflect the degree of the appeal of that ritualism. That's also reflected in this forum, where some significant percentage of postings are to only a couple of threads or generalized topics (what did you buy, what did you use, etc. where most responses are just a picture, usually with little insight or detail, then collect a handfuls of thumbs up, then move on, wash rinse repeat forever) or carve out sub-cliques for even more specialized interests (like trying to not buy anything).

Some people find a great deal comfort in observably rote activity in an increasingly random and whimsical world.
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