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Why is shaving such a topic?

Having read a lot of post and comments on this forum over the last year, i started to ask myself why is shaving such a topic ? There is probably no highly active forum about showering or nail clipping.

Thinking about myself, i started to read some posts, after my father in law had passed. He was a 90 year old British gentleman, with a treasure trove of life experience. And every time we had the chance we would sit down with a good cigar and happily chat away. It was him who showed me how to use a straight razor, shared his preferences between T&H, TOBS and Trumpers, and passed on the information of a new find.

Having shaved everyday for more than 70 years, he was still curious about new products. (He even tried a Harry’s razor and recommended it to his grandsons as a starter razor)

So apparently shaving, is one of these topics like cigars, whisky, wine, cars, pocket knives, guns, sport and women.

Why is it a topic for you?
Because it's a "shaving forum".

I'm guessing if you looked, you'd find Reddit forums on everything from Hot Dogs to Dental Floss.

It's the internet, there is a forum and discussion for anything you can think of.

To quote myself from years ago:
I wonder if there are Toothbrush forums that have a bunch of whackadoodles like us?

You could discuss different bristles, handle materials, tongue scrubbers, toothpaste, mouth wash and the highly sensitive topic of Dental Floss. Up and down motion, circular motion, how long does it take you to brush, why do my gums bleed, canker sores, bumps on my tongue, plague build up and how to avoid it, how do you store your toothbrush, how much floss do you use each session, can I get my brush re-bristles, clear handle or solid color, do you rotate your pastes, my brush is loosing fibers, teeth whitening is it here to stay or a rad. The possibilities are endless and the forum could be HUGE.

The funny thing is, it sounds absurd....but that is basically what all of us are doing here with shaving. :lol:

Don't even get me started on those guys that use Electric Toothbrushes. That's not how you brush your teeth. Tooth powder and a free toothbrush from the dentist is how real men brush their teeth.
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I shaved the pig
Who knows what fuels the interest. Less topic, more passion. What kept gramps in the game for 70 years? This is a vitally absorbing creative interest for me, makes me feel good and I like to pass that around.

vital- absolutely necessary or important; essential.
For me @RenoRichard ’s signature says it all: shaving is a chore than need not bore.

I came back to wet shaving to seek better efficiency and better skin care. And if it didn’t work I could always continue electric shaving. However I soon learned that this is so much more than a daily task. I will admit I fell into the rabbit hole, but like @Ravenonrock stated it has become essential for me, feeds my interest and keeps me curious - which for me is an excellent state of mind.

Welcome to B&B!!

Why is it a topic for you?
It became a topic for me when I was required to shave everyday. To shave daily in the safest and most comfortable way I needed to learn how to do so. Somewhere during this journey, beside achieving shaving Nirvana, another remarkable thing happened. The chore of shaving morphed into an enjoyable morning activity and routine. And before you know it, here I am, enjoying the company of this crowd, reading about the others' journeys and learning more along the way.
At the same time, it all depends on one's level of sophistication. I guess.
Why keep things simple when we can make them really, really complicated?

Happy father's day!

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I agree with pretty much everyone's comments. I returned to B&B a few months ago, primarily to find another razor. My old 'Butterfly' died on me. Previously, I'd lurked on this and other 'Shaving-centric' forums, basically for the same reason - information. Lots of great resources here. I also enjoy the banter and camaraderie.


I think the OP's question is about wet shaving in general and not B&B specifically.

Why is it a topic for you?

I gave wet shaving a go two years ago and gave up after one try. When I jumped back in six months ago, the internet and forums et al. helped me learn things I likely couldn't have on my own (at least not in such short period of time): technique, tools/accessories, companies/brands, etc. The internet is a modern day saloon where people gather, exchange knowledge/information/thoughts/ideas, etc.

Showering and nail clipping may not have dedicate forums (maybe they do) but extensions for them exist when people discuss shower gels or manicure, nail polish, etc. I google the latter and they do exist:

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