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Why do you make me do it?

Got my annual westcoastshaving shipment (I know this is difficult for most of you) and had to try speick, along with others mentioned on the board.
All I have to say is move over Tabac; the speick shave stick is my new favorite soap. Very smooth shave from this soap with my le grelot!
Checking out the Palmolive tomorrow morning.

btw: WCS also has speick bar soap thats pretty awesome.
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Excellent choices you made. The Speick and Palmolives sticks are some of my favorties, and the Cella is excellent, as well! Enjoy trying the new supplies out.


B&B's Man in Italy
From what I see in the pic, you purchased all top quality shaving soaps!:thumbup:
thats a nice haul ...i really want to know whay speck smells like.I got a local palmolive stick and found it to be good but lacking in scent.The Aussie version is different from what i have read but in my very limited soap aquisition i keep going back to my windsor shave soap.I know experienced men like Luc have found the scent not to their liking but i reckon you should give it a try.At 10 bucks australian it comes in a presentable gold tin and i enjoy the scent and lather greatly.It is available from the Shaver shop in Australia.
You guys were right again, the Palmolive pretty much rules. the Speick was not a fluke, another amazing shave today with it. Im going to have to give Cella a few more chances but we may not get along as well.
I haven't used any of the others you have pictured (although I do have Speick cream), but Cella is my main soap. It's fantastic. I do note that it thrives on very little water, and doesn't need much working before application, so I would recommend that if you give it another go, and your typical lather-building process involves a lot of water (very wet brush, more than a 1/2 tsp water in your mug), you try a bit less.

If you don't wind up liking it, you've got a lot of other great options, though!
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