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Who drinks coffee after supper?

When dining out, a cup of coffee follows. At home I usually just make tea.
I drink mostly cappuccino after dinner -- well most of the day actually as only my first coffee of the day tends to be drip.


Needs milk and a bidet!
every dinner I ever had with the ex-girlfriend and her parents we sat around the dinner table afterwards and consumed coffee.
To me coffee was strictly a morning thing so it was always a little odd to me but I joined in anyway.

My grandparents drink coffee with every meal.

as for myself...just a morning drinker
Since I am taking a break from alcohol, I find coffee which I'm already a fan of being the replacement after dinner. Usually along with a cigar.
I don't go to sleep until between 12-2 every night so i have no worries about staying up. I try not to take in too much caffeine but im planning on having a mug around an hour from now :)
Down here no propper lunch ends without an spresso.

Now, for local standards I am not a propper person: having cofee after supper makes me insomniac plus it gives me both a burning stomach and reflux.

No, I don't.
Last night had a terrific iced dark coffee with mocha syrup in it from dunkin. We've got 4 of the 5 of us sick in the house here. That late night coffee hit the spot.
I only drink fresh ground, mostly french pressed, and I can get away with drinking it at any time of the day or night. If anything, the heat makes me sleepy but I just put it down to becoming immune to the caffeine, my wife is the same.
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