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Who drinks coffee after supper?

I make a pot in the morning and have a cup on the way to work, when i get home I drink the rest of the pot throughout the evening as ice coffee.
I sometimes have coffee after dinner,especially when I have a guest over. But in all honesty I drink coffee almost anytime of the day or night. I sometimes drink it right before bed.
One in the morning and one after lunch...these are required for my body to animate. But no more than two or I get gittery and can't sleep at night.
After dinner my parents always put on a fresh pot of coffee (which in their later years became decaf).
On occasion I'll make a pot of decaf if one of us brings home brings home a pie, or if it's a cold wet rainy night (coffee always hits the spot then). Yesterday we visited a local orchard and since we came home with apple-cider doughnuts there will be coffee tonight!.
I do every evening. Used to be my dad brewing Maxwell house French roast in a bunn, but now consists of me using a French or aeropress with freshly roasted and ground bean every evening. When I either go down their house or they come up mine.
We do decaf cause real caffeine after 4 pm makes the Wife walk the floor just like in that Ernest Tubb Song I'm Walking the Floor over you.
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