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Who drinks coffee after supper?

I sometimes drink a cup of coffee after supper, but not very often. I do not have any rule against it, but I am more inclined to drink tea instead. On the rare occasion of having dessert, then coffee drinking is highly likely especially if it included chocolate.


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As much as I like coffee, I've never been an after dinner drinker. Of anything come to think of it.

I try to but lately SWMBO has been trying to slow down my coffee consumption so only mornings now with an occasional single cup after dinner.
I always get a little bulk coffee from the local Lucky's grocery store. I don't drink enough of it to warrant a large bag. It's not the best, but coffee + dessert is a must for me!


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I pretty much drink coffee all day.
Sometimes I wake up and make a cup, read a bit, and then go back to sleep.
For some reason I am craving cold coffee today so I made my normal Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in the Aeropress and pored into a 1 liter water bottle and filled with ice x 2. 2 liters for work should do the trick.
My wife and I have a cup of espresso after dinner almost every evening. Fortunately, neither one of us has any sleep issues and we've never found that a shot of caffeine kept us up past our bedtime.
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