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Which vintage GEM razor for a Sabre L2 fan?

Title is pretty self explanatory, but I'll expand a bit on it. I absolutely LOVE the Sabre L2, however it's the only GEM style razor I've ever used. Which vintage Gem razor would you guys recommend? Don't want anything less efficient than the L2 Sabre, and an increase in efficiency would be nice.
Thanks everyone!
Micromatic Clog Pruf. I have both they are great. Similar but not identical. It's a wash if it's as efficient. That being said, if you like OC the MMOC is in par efficiency wise. I prefer the SB, so I say the MMCP.
I'm not sure if this will help your quest for a vintage Gem, I do not have a L2 Sabre razor but I really enjoy my 1912 model and lather catchers. I have tested all of these razors for at minimum of a week each. The Micromatics are also great.
GEM Razor Cluster review 2019 (2).jpg
Gem Razor Models
Have some great shaves!
MMOC and 1924

For me, the MMOC is actually fairly mild (provided you keep it almost flat to your face) but extremely efficient. The 1924 requires a slightly different angle (head pulled away from the face a bit farther, maybe 20 degrees or 25 degrees) and is very efficient as well.
Everready 1924 shovel head($5.00) (2).jpg This is what my 1924 Everready looks like.

The 1924 Everready razor(shovel head) is a good razor. Different loading method and easy to figure the sweet spot after a few shaves. I find the Everready razor slightly more aggressive than a Gem MMCP IMO.