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Non-vintage PAL Blue Carbon Steel blade experience

I had a great shave this morning with a Pal blued carbon blade. It came out of this tuck.
I have more of the TryABlade PAL Blue Carbon and Gem Carbon Steel left than I remembered.
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I suspect that these blades have (or had) some sort of niche market that probably isn't ordinary shaving or isn't in the USA. They both work for me, but I seem to have a tough hide. They aren't paint scrapers.

The Blue Stars and their store labeled versions (I have some unopened 'Daylogic') were still found in drugstore shaving racks last time I checked. They all have the same markings, some code starting '009' if I remember correctly.

My theory of corking is that I'm smoothing the PTFE coating. I wrist or palm strop all my Gem-style blades before I first use them to mellow the edge.

I enjoyed trying all the carbon variants, but the PTFEs remain my standard.
Those pictures from tryablade.com with the blue carbon stamp brought back memories. I used one two days ago. I have four left. I mostly use PTFE blades.

For me the blue carbons are nice to use. They smooth out during the second use just like the PTFE’s.

I am a daily shaver. Regardless of blade I get three-four uses out of a blade. Each shave consists of both face and head.

In my opinion comparing a carbon blade and a stainless steel blade is light comparing apples to oranges.

Both are the best in their separate categories. PTFE’s are the standard.

Nice thread.
Late to this thread!
I've never tried the Pal's but did receive some new Treet Carbon blades (black beauty) a week ago. My first experience with carbon blades and feel that they're one of the best blades I've tried.
My most used DE blades are Lab Blues and these Treet Carbons (although different) are pretty much up there with the Lab Blue's.
I really like them!
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