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What's your soap for today?

Tallow & Steel Morocco first use

This is the new version of Morocco which is heavily reliant on Rose Absolute. The soap is actually green in color. To my nose, this is a wonderfully rich rose scent with green undertones. I did not have the description below when I used it this morning and kept trying to figure out what the heck was causing the undertones I was sensing. I was reminded of my most excellent rose garden when I lived in California. My initial impression is that this a well put-together scent, better than Cairo which is also a recent release.

I like the art work on the new labels but do miss the detailed scent information presented on the old ones. Also, the new labels appear to be prone to rubbing off in parts while in transit.

My best advice to those who are considering ordering from T&S is to not order too much product. The scents in their products are based on all natural botanicals and will gradually erode over time.

From their website:

"Morocco unlocks the powerful aroma of its Vallée des Roses, where wild roses are tenderly handpicked by locals. Plucked at dawn to preserve the damp morning freshness, it is from these flowers that some of the world’s finest rose oil is produced.

It remains a mystery how such vibrant roses began growing in this remote region of Morocco, but legend has it that merchants from Damascus brought them to the bronze landscape long ago. Now these pink roses are celebrated by a parading community at the annual Festival of Roses in the nearby town of Kalaat M’Gouna.

Combined with relaxing fruitiness of the rare blue oil distilled from Morocco’s tansy flower, and the leafy-green notes of Moroccan petitgrain, the balsamic notes of Atlas cedarwood enrich the fresh citrus to harmonize the pure rose absolute - establishing a creation that is delicately spicy, fruity and floral.

This is a scent that originates from the heart of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Just as the rose journeyed from ancient Syria to the heart of Morocco, this intoxicating fragrance will move the Valley of Roses to you.

Rose (52%) | Bitter Orange (18%) | Lime (15%) | Atlas Cedarwood (7%) | Petitgrain (5%) | Blue Tansy (3%) | 100% natural aromatic extracts from botanicals.
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