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What's your favorite brush for stick soaps?

OK, for those who use sticks, what type of brush do you prefer?

If badger, please specify type, silvertip, 3 band, 2 band, etc...

I've come to favor silvertip badgers and synthetics.
Most definitely a short lofted and small-ish brush. More often than not I travel with an Arko or Palmolive stick and Muhle STF V.2 turnback brush. The Omega 10066 and Semogue 610 also perform well.
I use sticks when I travel. Typically my choice is my Wee Scot, which is a great travel brush! :a14::a14:
Generally, my SOC Mistura (mixed badger/boar) is my choice with sticks. As Acmemfg said above, it is a "short lofted and small-ish brush." Today I tried my new Yaqi synthetic with my Tabac stick and it worked great also.
The only time I use shave sticks is when I travel and my travel brushes are a Muhle Silvertip Fibre Brush and/or a Rudy Vey with a Muhle synthetic knot.
Semogue SOC Boar Brush works great with soap sticks. My shorter lofted 1305, and 830 Boar brushes also work well.


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I just use my normal everyday brush, my $2.00 avatar. The best two bucks that I have ever spent.
Anything in Simpson's Best grade works for me, I'm partial to the Colonel 2XL. My old B&B Essential boar works mighty fine too.
I like my muhle silvertip fibre v1 and Razorock Bruce for shave sticks.

It's the shave sticks that I'm not a fan of so don't use them often.
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