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What's your favorite "blue" aftershave?

What about department store offerings? Are blue aftershaves from the likes of Nautica, Davidoff, Versace, etc., worth having? Meaning, do they do anything for your skin other than make it smell good? I know my AdP had a strong long-lasting scent, but it also made my face feel great.
While I do like Barrister & Mann Reserve Cool, I find it a bit "heavy" and don't really get a whole lot of menthol out of it. I prefer Epsilon Blue. The scent is VERY close to B&M Reserve Cool, but it's lighter and has a better menthol kick IMO.

On another note, I really miss Thayers Medicated Witch Hazel (pictured above in sarimento1's post). While not really a blue scent per se, that stuff was awesome. It's really a shame that they no longer make it.
This is a marvel that rarely gets mentioned. I have seen with my own eyes the production method used to create it. Entirely handmade. Proudly made in Italy. :thumbup:
And true to their advertising and tradition.

For what it is (how made, quality ingredients, performance), it’s reasonably priced. A steal really!
Razorock Blue Barber aftershave: There are not a lot reviews on this aftershave and some of the ones I watched on Youtube are fleeting thought. I had the Blue barber stick & "what the puck" soap and still enjoying it and wanted to compliment it with this aftershave. The aftershave has a stronger similar scent & of course trying to describe that scent it seems fresh but a sharp scent note that my senses like but it is confusing the exact distinction to word it so to speak.(maybe that is why I like it)
Cost:$12.00 US

Razorock Blue Barbershop A.S.jpg

Scent strength: 5-5.5/10 that is not over bearing but has some staying strength, 4-5.5hrs noticeable hrs depending on the amount applied but enjoyable for myself. Office folks or crowded area would pick up the scent possibly for first 1- 2hrs after applied. The scent is unique in that it has a high note when dried that is hard to describe (when dried on skin it has a freshness high note & almost like after a shower Irish spring Blue fresh soap scent:rolleyes:) and guys will like this if they want something with staying power IMO.
It might not be office friendly for some IMO(could dilute with witch hazel) and the wife is suspicious:flowers: and would not want her in the car after 15 minutes of applying to give my little secret away:laugh: . I applied a little dab of blue barber aftershave mid arm to check periodically to get more noticeable scent time accurate.
Reactions: No complaints from folks around me yet . When applied you get a slight alcohol burn and while wet the scent changes a little but then it stays at that scent note to a slow fade over time. My skin showed no reactions and the post shave is very reasonable IMO with good skin tone and feel.
Paper business card test (NEW): I use some old paper business cards that I have to dab some Blue barber shop on and let dry and check periodically to smell how long the scent stays on the paper before it is not very noticeable. Approx 19+ hrs staying power you can still pick up slight traces of scent, this is different than on your skin it seems because of the powders that are added in formula are bone dry on the paper now & because your nose seems to deaden scent fragrance out within 10 minutes and most noses seems to pick up whiffs of it periodically with me anyways.

is that bottle glass or plastic ?
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