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What's your favorite "blue" aftershave?

I've got and use Floid Blue and Aqua Velva Ice Sport (wife likes AV, but I prefer Floid because it smells less sweet), and I've used classic Aqua Velva (smells a bit medicinal to me). What else should I be trying along these lines?
Blue aftershaves are my favorite. Sadly I never tried Floid before it was out of production. I've got some Epsilon Blue though and like it a lot. From what I've read it's a pretty good copy of Floid. Barrister & Mann Cool is worth a try but I don't think it's necessarily better than AV or Epsilon.
The Epsilon certainly captures the look of Floid, and similar scent is good enough for me. I don’t need an exact clone.
Blue aftershaves rock!! Here are some not previously mentioned, I like Myrsol Blue and Booster's Polar Ice. Both mildly scented with a bit of cooling menthol, and feel good on the skin. Aqua Velva Ice Sport likewise, but sweet for a blue aftershave. 4711 is also good, more citrusy than others. Master Blue does its' job well, but the scent is drab, almost non-descript, and odd for a blue lotion. Ranking the ones I own...Aqua Velva Ice Blue, B&M Reserve Cool, Myrsol Blue, Booster Polar Ice, Aqua Velva Ice Sport, 4711, Master Blue.
Thanks for the list so far! Some I’ve seen and others I haven’t. Guess I’ve got some trying to do. :)


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I have Aqua Velva & Floid Blue out for the summer - is Ogallala Bay Rum Blue? The bottle is anyways
Razorock Blue Barber aftershave: There are not a lot reviews on this aftershave and some of the ones I watched on Youtube are fleeting thought. I had the Blue barber stick & "what the puck" soap and still enjoying it and wanted to compliment it with this aftershave. The aftershave has a stronger similar scent & of course trying to describe that scent it seems fresh but a sharp scent note that my senses like but it is confusing the exact distinction to word it so to speak.(maybe that is why I like it)
Cost:$12.00 US

Razorock Blue Barbershop A.S.jpg

Scent strength: 5-5.5/10 that is not over bearing but has some staying strength, 4-5.5hrs noticeable hrs depending on the amount applied but enjoyable for myself. Office folks or crowded area would pick up the scent possibly for first 1- 2hrs after applied. The scent is unique in that it has a high note when dried that is hard to describe (when dried on skin it has a freshness high note & almost like after a shower Irish spring Blue fresh soap scent:rolleyes:) and guys will like this if they want something with staying power IMO.
It might not be office friendly for some IMO(could dilute with witch hazel) and the wife is suspicious:flowers: and would not want her in the car after 15 minutes of applying to give my little secret away:laugh: . I applied a little dab of blue barber aftershave mid arm to check periodically to get more noticeable scent time accurate.
Reactions: No complaints from folks around me yet . When applied you get a slight alcohol burn and while wet the scent changes a little but then it stays at that scent note to a slow fade over time. My skin showed no reactions and the post shave is very reasonable IMO with good skin tone and feel.
Paper business card test (NEW): I use some old paper business cards that I have to dab some Blue barber shop on and let dry and check periodically to smell how long the scent stays on the paper before it is not very noticeable. Approx 19+ hrs staying power you can still pick up slight traces of scent, this is different than on your skin it seems because of the powders that are added in formula are bone dry on the paper now & because your nose seems to deaden scent fragrance out within 10 minutes and most noses seems to pick up whiffs of it periodically with me anyways.
Indeed. But I think the only way an American can get this aftershave is by physically going to Italy and purchasing it.
Yeah, AFAIK, there's no US-based stockist, unfortunately.
The suspension of shipping from manufactum.com to the US is temporary and will eventually be lifted, per their customer service.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Yeah, AFAIK, there's no US-based stockist, unfortunately.
The suspension of shipping from manufactum.com to the US is temporary and will eventually be lifted, per their customer service.
Thanks, but they won't ship the alcohol splash at all. Only the balm.
Aqua Velva of course. Goes back to early 1900's so they must being doing something right. My dad introduced me to it so I've been using it going on 50 years. However do hate the plastic bottles so I refill glass. IMG_3967 (2).JPG
Thanks, but they won't ship the alcohol splash at all. Only the balm.
Since when?
They've shipped alcohol-based splashes to me (US, and Canada) many times over;
received Opaline, Knize Ten*, Camaldoli, etcetera.

*currently, KT is only available on manufactum.de
4711 is also good, more citrusy than others
Does 4711 smell like oranges? I just sold my Acqua di Parma because my wife has a strong aversion to oranges. If it's a lighter scent that fades quickly I might be able to get by with it.
I'd really like to try all of these, but I'd probably settle on something that is fairly mainstream and easily obtainable. I've barely made a dent in my 400ml bottle of Floid, but I'm going to hate the day I get to the bottom and can't replace it. Epsilon sounds like the best contender at the moment (apart from more AV).
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