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What's for Dinner at Your House?


Lean beef burger, half pound, seasoned with Slap Ya Mama, quick seared and braised in tawny port til medium-well, on ciabatta roll grilled in butter with Clausen pickle plank, Creole tomato, and sweet onion sliced thin. Accompanied by an 8.4% ABV homebrewed ale. By the time we finished these, our plates were filled with juice. The port or sherry braising makes them crazy juicy even at well done. The flavors are much more developed once you go past medium, and the braised finish keeps them juicy.
Last night. Pig lip tacos. Sauteed with jalapenos and onions. Bet of lettuce and baby spinach leaves, with cheese and Herdez salsa in grilled flour tortilla. Messy and delicious.

Friday. some lively frozen ahi dusted in wasabi powder and dredged in flour seasoned with cayenne pepper, fried in smoking hot skillet with just a few tbsp olive oil until medium rare.
Pasta Fagioli last night. No pics, tasted great but embarrassing appearance.

Note to self: "Do not use store brand pasta again even though 1/3 price of Italy origin pasta."