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What's for Dinner at Your House?


Fridays are Fishtastic!
For the New Year I will be making sauerkraut and sausage, probably kielbasa. I will likely put a bottle of Guiness in it (Mackeson is so difficult to find) to go full Irish. Wife is Mex-Am, so we will be picking up tamales (not up to making them this year).
Turkey breast, pan fried potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli gratin and some gravy. And risalamande with the choice of strawberry or raspberry sauce for dessert. (New Year's Eve dinner)

And for the record I wasn't the one that made the meal.
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Stir fry spicy chicken. Deviled egg potato salad and Italian style pasta salad with olive oil, parmesan, tomatoes, peppers and black olives.
Early supper. Sorry, no pics. Busy. Leftover fried rice. Not fried rice that is left over, fried rice made from leftovers. a piece of very spicy fried chicken, some meatloaf from yesterday, some green beans fried with bacon, some Jasmine rice. Out of onions and celery, but an extra pinch of Slap Ya Mama, a shake of onion soup mix, and a jot of yellow mustard fixed it right up.


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SWMBO is working a New Years Eve "Roaring 20s" party at the casino she works at tonight, so I chopped up some smoked brisket for a sammich with homemade BBQ sauce, baked beans, onion and pickles. Pretty darn good for a bachelor dinner. Oh, and there was beer, copious amounts of beer.

Had a little cooking fun for NYE, used my pasta roller attachment to make fresh pasta for the first time. Made 2 doughs to try but we only ended up making one (a 00/semolina mix). Sautéed garlic/shrimp/tomato, turned out well enough to keep my encouraged enough to know I’ll do it more!
Also roasted some mushrooms and got some fresh oysters and somehow convinced my wife to have one for only the second time ever.
Again, no pics. Black eyed peas with turkey tasso, cabbage with hog jowl, some kind of empenada looking thing I don't remember the name of, at sis in law's place. We brought two loaves of homebaked bread. So far 2020 is passing without major incident. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Still got 364 more days to go.
Home made chili, decanted from the Mason jar and nuked. Cabot sharp cheddar cut into "sticks" about 1/2" on a side and about 3" long. Diet orange cream soda. Watching a little Castle on my Note 9. In the bunk of the truck for another 4 days....

At least my wonderful wife loves me enough to prepare all this home cooked food.
T bone steak was on sale $5 lb, wife and I split one and froze the other. Florida beef, so not as good as western beef
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