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What's for Dinner at Your House?

Appypollyloggies in advance as I was too hungry for photos...

The other night I was wandering through YT and a Jacques Pepin video popped - chicken "persillade" - so after watching it gave it a go last night. I took a small handful of flat leaf parsley, 3 cloves of garlic and chopped them all together. In the video, JP also chopped in some chives but I didn't have any but I did have some spring onion so I used some of the green leafy bit instead.

Chicken breast, bite-sized chunks, seasoned and lightly tossed in flour. Oil and butter in the pan and in with the chicken. Brown and then in with the persillade. Stir it all through and then I felt it looked a bit dry so I went off piste a little and quickly made a little stock from a jar of powdered stock and hot water, added that. After about 10 mins it was ready, and it tasted pretty good. It'll go on the rotation.

He mentioned that the persillade could be used for almost anything - in France very commonly used on frog's legs (I went "yuk" but Mrs P was licking her lips) - certainly fish or other seafood. I'll probably stick to chicken...
Last night was grilled pork loin dry marinated 6hrs with s&p, sumac, and garlic powder, drizzled with handmade chimichurri, grilled okra, couscous, steamed broccoli and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden
Swung by the local Asian market to pick up some shrimp. Came home with two pounds! :em2200:

Decided to skewer them in prep for some time on the searing station. I brushed them with a mix of low-salt soy sauce, honey, and red pepper flakes.

Here they are on the searing station -


and here they are on a bed of rice to which I added sautéed onions and peppers seasoned with Chinese five spice and garlic powder -


Fired up the Weber Performer today and smoked a big slab of St. Louis ribs, four bone-in chicken breasts, and five Johnsonville brats. The last two hours or so, the cooking grate was overflowing with meat. All turned out fine. For sides, we had slow-cooked (two hours) green beans seasoned with bacon grease, bacon pieces and onion, and sliced up garden-fresh Beefmaster tomatoes and cucumbers. Now we have savory smoked meat for the next few days.
Sautéed the remainder of the fresh shrimp I cleaned last night. This time I went simple and just added some butter, olive oil, fresh garlic, and Italian seasonings to the shrimp. Also sautéed some red onions, peppers, and mushrooms in the same pan I used for the shrimp.

Threw the veggies and shrimp into penne and had a nice baguette and some wine for tonight's dinner -


I haven't used my sous vide in quite a while so I thought it was high time for chicken roulade. I made a stuffing by sautéing mushrooms, garlic and thyme, then blitzed it to a puree and stirred in the same amount of cream cheese (I'm not sure what to do with the rest of it!) and let it cool in the fridge.

It's quite warm in my kitchen as it doesn't have aircon, so I opened a bottle of Bandol rose to help cool down.

I took two chicken breasts and covered them with cling film and beat them with a little mallet until they were about 1/4" thick, and retrieved the stuffing. Seasoned the chicken and added the stuffing, and wrapped tightly in cling film before putting in the bag and vacuuming it. Repeat. Then into the sv for 90 mins at 65C. After that, I got a very hot pan with a little oil and seared for about a minute to get some colour.

Honey glazed carrots and broccoli puree to accompany, and I made a sauce with white wine, chicken stock, onion and garlic, strained and reduced.

Not bad, even though I say so myself. By this time, the Bandol had gone, probably evaporated so I opened a nice red to have with dinner. 239412928_10161199116583275_840082584572106333_n.jpg
The movers picked up my daughter’s household goods on Friday. We are sleeping on air mattresses and getting the place ready to rent out. Too much painting today! The kitchen is down to one skillet so I hit a deli this afternoon for a fresh loaf, some macaroni salad, some cheese and ham. Dinner was simple but satisfied all. Grilled ham and cheese, salad and Utz potato chips. 74D30E75-9994-4E90-BE49-8A833DE46295.jpeg
Was trying to think of something to go with rye tortillas. Shredded lengua cured like corned beef, some seedy mustard, pickled onions and a large beer was starting to sound good.

But that's just not it tonight...

Decided to do pupusas since we already have curtido in the fridge.

The large beer is still on the menu, though.

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