Whats cooking in 2019?

Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by Jim, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. DoctorShavegood

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    That's expensive.
  2. The gin? Here, $40cdn, sort the popular price point for Ontario made 750ml bottles, the range for those i found listed was $27 - $55, seven of 22 were $40. My parents grew up on a city on Georgian Bay so looked like an interesting option, of course the company headquarters is on Yonge St. in Toronto, the center of the universe...
  3. That looks fantastico. What kind of sausage is that? I love poblanos. I usually just put black beans and cheese in them. Need to get creative like yinz guys.
  4. cleanshaved

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    That a black pudding. I baked it with the poblano.
    The poblano was a basic bacon and egg pie recipe but in a the pepper not pastry. Never done it before but it turned out quite nice. The only thing I would do different is season the bacon before adding into the pepper, it's a bit hard to after.

    Sautéed diced onion, chop bacon and add to inside of pepper. I added a whole egg in each and topped up with half a egg with the yoke broken.

    20190216_111125.jpg 20190216_111443.jpg 20190216_120034.jpg
  5. Certainly not up to the standards of this thread but when faced with the question "what is for dinner" I grabbed a couple slices of bacon, then started looking for stuff in the fridge: onion, tomato, celery, spinach and about 15 eggs (about half chicken and half duck) ... and poof dinner.

  6. Tom Yum inspired soup with baby bok choy, mushroom, onion, rice noodle, seasame oil, tomato paste, garlic, fish sauce and soy. R.O. water and chicken stock make up the broth
    Topped with green onion and a squeeze of lime.

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  7. oc_in_fw

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    Went to Red Lobster last week and was severely disappointed with their clam chowder- it used to at least be decent. It may have had 2 pieces of clam in it. Got the base simmering now, and will be adding clams and corn (wanted corn chowder, too, so why not combine?) soon.

  8. Interesting looking gin - I have an app called "Ginventory", it gets an average rating of 8.2/10, and a good write up. I am going to a bar tomorrow night that stocks over 1,000 gins, I shall certainly look for that as I have never tried a Canadian gin before.
  9. Another vegetarian night if you're good with fish and cheese...

    Settled on this dough for the last little bit, last few pizza books i've bought have used weights and ratios for recipes so i took one of their recipes and scaled it back for two pizzas. Mixed it up last night for today's dinner.

    333g '00' flour (100%)
    233g water (70%)
    8.7g fine sea salt (2.6%)
    1g instant dry yeast (0.3%)
    6.7g malt powder (2%)

    My old yeast was dated Jan 2014 si figured time to get a new package, 227g pkg., i've got 452 pizzas worth of yeast left after today. Fresh bag of '00' flour.

    Pizza #1. Pissaladière - Just a French Guy Cooking - Sauce is puréed anchovies and sardines, topped with onion compote, fennel bulb, red peppers, black olives, fresh thyme and rosemary, olive oil, black pepper, parm.

    Pizza #2. White Owl - The Elements of Pizza - Topped with grated dry mozz, grated celeriac mixed with olive oil & chili flakes, slices of turnip & radish, pickled hot peppers.

    Getting better at manipulating the oven...

    Wife dj-ing - Headstones; LOve & Fury
    ''''''''''''''''''''''- Decemberists; The Crane Wife
    ''''''''''''''''''''''- Foo Fighters live album, don't like this one, an album of crowd noise, took it off and put on Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' B-Sides & Rarities... remembering Bruno Ganz & Wings of Desire...

    file5-7.jpeg file2-8.jpeg file3-7.jpeg file-15.jpeg file1-11.jpeg file2-9.jpeg file3-8.jpeg file4-7.jpeg file-14.jpeg file5-8.jpeg
  10. TexLaw

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    Magnificent, Dave!

    Oddly enough, I was thinking about a pissaladière, today. I even looked up a recipe.
  11. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    This is my first time, and I may be biased, but this is the best chowder I have ever had.

  12. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    I had 3 bowls and am stuffed. The wife doesn’t care for chowder, and I have a LOT left. Oh happy day.

    On edit- yes, it isn’t quite white. The recipe didn’t call for it, but I put a half stick of butter in to make it richer. Great addition.
  13. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    Looks good Owen. Always nice to have leftovers.
  14. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    Like curry, chowder doesn’t photograph well, but tastes so good.
  15. You can never have too much butter!
  16. TexLaw

    TexLaw Contributor

    That is a mighty good looking bowl of chowder.
  17. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Comeon where is all the New Englanders...
    It is CHOWDA.

    Looks great Owen!
  18. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    Thanks Jim. I will never settle for inferior chowda again. :)
  19. Thanks Doak!

    Interesting combination of salty, pungent and sweet. Only 3tbsp's of the fish paste for a 13" dough and it punched through in spades. I thought i'd put lots of the fennel, peppers and herbs on but the paste would have stood up well to even more of those. Me & our daughter prefered the pissaladière, my wife picked the White Owl.

  20. eightysixCJ

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    Hit the grinder today. Some venison sausage with Bay & Garlic, venison & beef Hot Links (to be smoked tomorrow) and some pork Cheese & Parsely Italian.


    Quick dinner, Italian sausage, pasta, broccoli, etc.



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