Whats cooking in 2019?

Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by Jim, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Lets see those great meals and share some tips and tricks from your kitchen.
  2. I'm planning Prime rib for next weekend of the weekend after that. I use a 'recipe' that I found on Youtube. I don't have it written down or bookmarked. Each time I cook Prime Rib, I google "YouTube Cooking Prime Rib using Math" and the recipe pops up. It's the best I've ever used.
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    Good luck and prosperity to all in the new year:badger::a50:!!
  4. Happy New Year, started this meal in 2018...

    Sunday made a 1lb pizza dough and sauce for something i had in mind for New Years Eve but never got 'round to on the eve. Steak/roast was cooked Sunday for dinner and to use NYE for a canape, completed, Wed. used more in a stir fry, ore in a sandwich for lunch today, steak & mushroom pizza tonight, tomorrow another sandwich and stir fry, can't see it being gone, maybe Saturday. More NYE leftover bits, local hot Hungarian salami, pepperoncinis, capriny goat cheese, aged mozzarella.

    No.1 - Mushroom/steak pizza with mozzarella, capriny, cherry tomatoes & fresh rosemary. Beforehand, Crimini mushrooms sauteed in evoo with minced garlic and fresh thyme.

    No.2 - Backyard tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami & pepperoncinis.

    IMG_E2722.JPG IMG_E2714.JPG IMG_E2713.JPG IMG_E2716.JPG IMG_E2717.JPG IMG_E2718.JPG file-14.jpeg
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    Perfect tan on the cherry tomatoes. Man that looks great.
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    Chicken/spinach/feta sliders with provolone. This batch made with Spanish smoked hot paprika (Pimenton de la Vera). The rest stuffed in casings for the next round...

    IMG_1060.JPG IMG_1061.JPG

  7. Thanks a lot Mike!
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    Keto shrimp alfredo with blanched spiral sliced zucchini. Very rich, very tasty and very satisfying.

    20190104_174002.jpg 20190104_174007.jpg
  9. Looks real good Aaron!

    A mess of new today. Needed beef stock for tonight's dinner so yesterday, with all the talk of Instant Pots/pressure cookers thought i'd give stock in a pressure cooker a try. Has been a couple decades since was last used so needed to brush up on how to put into this old beast into use, internet was a total fail but my falling apart copy of 'Joy Of Cooking' had the answers i needed...

    Browned/roasted ~ 4lbs. bones & meat with carrots, celery, onion & garlic under the broiler for maybe 45 minutes. Dumped that into the cooker with a couple litres of water, tomato paste, fresh thyme, bay leaf & a bit of salt. Brought up to pressure then cooked for 1 3/4 - 2 hours. Had about a litre of rich rich rich liquid left.

    In the youtube/video thread back before Christmas someone mentioned 'a French guy cooking' series on youtube which i started watching, intrigued/humoured by Alexis found a copy of his cookbook in a shop Christmas Eve and bought it for my daughter. When i asked her if there was anything she wanted to have this weekend French Onion Soup was one of the dishes. So tonight a riff on Alexis' cookbook recipe & video method. Quite different from how we've always done it which has been in individual ramekins, a piece of bread per bowl topped with gruyere...

    Three lbs. onions, used up chunks of cheese from NYE, mozzarella/gruyere/oldcheddar, next time - gruyere & Danish blue is in order, there will be a next time. Added a litre of water to the stock, no problem... except ... not enough cheese according to my daughter.

    Beverage - in with the same old - Pelee Island Baco Noir
    Dessert - my November fruitcake is doing nicely
    Music - through prepping/cooking to dining to apres - Mojo; 'The Best of 2018 - cd No.6 of The 75 Best Jazz Tracks of the Early 1960's - Public Enemy; The Best of... Millenium Collection

    ''''''' IMG_E2736_B&Bsize270.jpg IMG_E2738_B&Bsize270.jpg IMG_E2739_B&Bsize270.jpg
    ''''''''' IMG_E2740_B&Bsize400.jpg IMG_E2742_B&Bsize400.jpg IMG_E2745.JPG IMG_E2750.JPG IMG_E2752.JPG IMG_E2753.JPG IMG_E2755.JPG
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    Goodness that looks wonderful. My take on the pics is french onion soup with lasagna with bread instead of pasta and one heck of a hearty meat filling.
  11. Thanks Mike, pleasant surprise as to how it turned out. Worth revisiting this one.
  12. I will Google that.
  13. No pictures because the family ate it all. Instant Pot spare ribs. Then brushed them with honey , oyster sauce and crisped them under the broiler.
  14. Ooh... How was it?
  15. I'm not suppose to make pies around here but came across bags of Key Limes and never having had Key lime pie bought a bag to give it a go. And not a traditional pie, has a cookie crust, so i can get away at being the baker.

    Took 15 limes to get 1/2c of juice, used a garlic press. Don't eat graham wafers so bought some Digestive biscuits to use for the crust instead. Recipe was for a 9" pie pan, had an 8" and a 9.5", went with the bigger, too big, should have used the 8", next time.

    Super easy to make, tart and not too sweet, much like a lemon pie.

    IMG_E2775_B&Bsize400.jpg IMG_E2777_B&Bsize400.jpg IMG_E2776_B&Bsize400.jpg IMG_E2782_B&Bsize400.jpg IMG_E2797.JPG
  16. Delicious! The oyster sauce and honey is a Cantonese recipe the wife’s parents have done for years. I just eyeballed it. Lots of honey and a couple tablespoons of oyster sauce. Subtle flavors but really good.
  17. Oh my.... yum.
  18. My wife got a high end Insta pot type thing a year ago last Christmas and has not been finding it easy to use. I'm afraid I would be able to make it work and might have to use it!
  19. Needed something to eat before cutting into the pie...

    Apple cider brined a 1kg pork loin for 24 hours then drained it, wrapped it/stuffed it with fresh sage & rosemary, grilled on a spit. Roasted root vegetable side, yukon golds, rutabagas, parsnips & carrots, coated/mixed with fresh rosemary, thyme & parsley, minced garlic, evoo, salt & pepper, added a pan of sauteed mini Brussels Sprouts before serving.

    Beverage - Beau's Brewing Company, Jänis -Sahti (Finnish-Style Juniper Ale), worked great.

    Music - there's always music, it escapes me at the moment...

    IMG_E2783.JPG IMG_E2784.JPG IMG_E2792.JPG IMG_E2793.JPG IMG_E2795.JPG
  20. I'm so glad there's a 2019 version of this thread!!
    Here's some air fried wings we made yesterday. First time trying the air fryer. They don't look super crispy in the picture but they were! They clinked into the bowl and that's a tell -tale sign! 20190105_192244.jpg

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