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What will be/was you first cigar of 2011?

Mine will be a CAO Itaia. No, not very flashy, but it's all I have and USPS has thought it necessary to either loose or seriously delay my box of Oliva's that were shipped in early December.

Anyway, any of you guys have anything special picked out for your first smoke of the new year?

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My first 2011 cigar will be the Cohiba (Cuban) Corona Especiales which to me is simply the best Panatela ever made. This cigar is truly elegant and simply represents a classic Havana. :thumbup:

Christopher :c2:

PS It's been said that, "Those who Smoke Cohibas will never die of Cancer...but those who don't...will die of Envy". Cuban Cigar Slogan
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I'll be over at my brother's later today for New Year's dinner and will bring along a Montecristo Petit Tubos that I picked up from Cuba in December.
I had a Juan Lopez - unfortunately I wasn't impressed. Despite it being a mid-range Cuban, it tasted cheap and nasty.
I had a Juan Lopez - unfortunately I wasn't impressed. Despite it being a mid-range Cuban, it tasted cheap and nasty.

So far, the best cuban I have had has been a Bolivar. I'm guessing most of the ones I've had have not been looked after too much, even the cohiba I had.

Well, dinner is soon, so after that - Time for me to light up!
I'll probably smoke a Padron '26 no. 9. I probably won't smoke until spring but it's a great smoke to look forward to.
Padilla Miami churchill, these have been in the humidor for over a year. I fired it up about 5 minutes ago and it is not disappointing. Mellowed a little from when I first tried them, but the flavor is fantastic. Happy New Year to everyone.
Tough choice...

Thinking either OpusX Double Corona or Davidoff Double R. Very different smokes but they are two of my favorites.
Settled on a Montecristo #2 with my FIL, nice relaxing after dinner smoke.

Happy New year Gents!
Last night I saw in the New Year with a Rocky Patel Edge Maduro Torpedo...smoked it outside as is my custom...it was -7 degrees....

Tonight its a little warmer, +2 degrees, so I smoked a pipe with a full bowl of C&D Blockade Runner...the smoke just hangs when its that cold...I was outside for about 30 min tonight. Dressed correctly, a cold weather smoke can be very enjoyable...for a short smoke....
What the heck, first post in a shaving forum can be about cigars. I had a Helix x652. It was too dang cold in Cleveland to stay out long enough for a pipe. Happy new year to all!:thumbup:
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