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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


Ask me about shaving naked!
310 Shell Silver Steel frame back, testing the La Lune edge N12k -> La Lune 25 stokes water and 3 drops glycerin. Cream was T&H UC lathered with a Simpsons 58, and a little Floris 89 AS finished up an excellent shave.

The edge was very sharp and delivered a very close shave with no stubble left behind. The AS lightly tingled for about 1/2 second, no issues when the shave is this close. Like other edges that I’ve made with it, it doesn’t seem quite as smooth as the best JNat, but if you have a tough beard (mine is rather normal) the ‘grape ape’ may make just the edge for you - I have a tough-bearded friend that loves his.

Pretty basic:

Cape 1000
Omega 10066
Pinaud Clubman Lime Sec

Good, irritation free shave. The Cape is one of two razors I own with @Doc226's edges - sharp and smooth.

The 10066 is the only Omega that I have used with a handle that I actually like. In my mind, the brush is a classic.

The Lime Sec is acceptable - dissipates really fast. I can't seem to find a killer lime AS - one that smells like Mike's lime soap.

Filarmonica 13P Medallon Taurino
Grooming Dept Chamomile & Lemon Preshave
A & E Kaizen Shave Soap
Lucky Tiger Face Tonic
A & E Kaizen Aftershave Splash
Boellis Panama 1924 Aftershave Balm
Pre de Provence 63 EdT
PC Woodcraft 24 mm Green Box Elder Burl Wood Silver Tip
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that is a fine example of clean untouched etching for that razor!!!! gold etch usually faded with use on most that you see up for sale.

that is a fine example of clean untouched etching for that razor!!!! gold etch usually faded with use on most that you see up for sale.

Thanks Camo, The blue “filarmonica” on the cream color scales as well as the etching on the blade itself are a real pop to the naked eye!
I admire all of you with the commitment to these beautiful traditional straight razors. I decided long ago that I didn't have the inclination/time/patience to maintain them.

I did have a very inexpensive kamisori style razor come in the mail yesterday, so it made its debut in this morning's shave. I hope you'll allow it. Usually, when I do a straight razor shave I use a Feather DX. Loaded the kamisori with a fresh Kai pink blade for the shave and also tried some King of Shaves Serum. First time using all three (blade, razor, serum). The razor will definitely get more use, but I think I will go with a Feather Pro Super blade next time. The Serum will probably end up being something I travel with given its convenient size, but it didn't bowl me over. I switched to my usual brushless cream for pass 2. The end result was a nice shave, however.
I have gotten away from posting much but do read posts everyday and it’s been awhile since posting my SOTD so it was Irisch Moos with a Fili Especial.

Been playing around with some .5 CrOx as well, after every shave I give the razor about 8-10 light strokes on a treated strop then about 25 on clean leather using a double sided paddle and so far it’s been working very well.

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