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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Lecollier a Nogent 6/8 near wedge tailless razor
A&E Peach & Cognac
Semogue 1250

This style seems to have been fairly common in the 19th century in France. The blade was too long for the scales it was in, so I moved those scales to another razor and made a fresh pair of scales for this one. Honed it off and on all week. Finally got through black Ark this morning. Shave was OK but I will take it to the pasted balsa before the next shave to bring it up a notch.

TI Special Coiffeur 6/8 inch half hollow
Semogue 1800
Stirling Glastonbury with Orange Chill
Pinaud Clubman The Veg

For an entry level razor, the Special Coiffeur punches above its weight. Great little razor. TI says it's half hollow. Looks and feels more like a non-singing full hollow to me.

Still getting acclimated to The Veg, but I like it.

J.A. Henckels Zwillings, Friodur 72,
Based on my experience cleaning up a Friodur 17, if you gently rub the inside and outside of the scales with food-grade mineral oil and 00 and then 0000 steel wool, they will return to their original light yellow. No need to remove the blade. Mine was the same color as yours before, and here is the after color:

Thank you, those are made in horn. I have to confess I did not do this restoration. I got this razor from some guy in Nice, France.
Nice Nice razor! +1 on the scale design, materials, and finish quality. I enjoy seeing rarities and nice restorations here.

I also tend to give razors a shave test before I decide whether to re-finish, just to see what the seller or manufacturer delivers. If it is close to satisfactory I'll give my balsa strop progression a chance before I go to a finish hone.
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