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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

I'm back with the Kamisori, and the feeling is beyond explanation.
Kamisori shave #9
Feather Pro Guard usage: 9
2 pass DFS

I took a break from shaving, and did some repairs, cleaning for the Summer season.

I'm getting better with the Kamisori and the SOC.
My SOC Boar has shorter than advertised bristles, and that's why it quickly drowns in water if I'm not careful.

I'll be moving on to the next level of blades after the current Project Guard blade is binned.

I'm able to find the angles naturally

After today's shave, I've decided to go with a Straight Razor as my main razor.

Hard Solfen 50
La Toja stick
Maggard’s 18mm synth travel brush

The Hard Solfen is unique in my collection in that it makes a ringing sound when stropped, or when you put it down on a countertop. I originally got this because it looked like a Japanese version of a MK32, which I was struggling to find. Now I have at least an MK31, like them both! this is perhaps my 5th shave off of this edge, which was as-is from the seller. I may want to rehone after a few more shaves, but want to hold off for a bit. Meanwhile maintain with stropping on both cloth and leather. May want to up the passes.

The Maggard’s/La Toja combo gave me 3 passes off of 1 application. Not sure why the Maggard’s does this so well when my larger brushes struggle to give 2 passes in the same situation. Perhaps a smaller brush is an asset for this application.

Second time using Tabac with zero (and I mean zero) irritation:

Wade & Butcher 7/8 inch near wedge
Semogue 1800 boar
Tabac soap
Clubman Special Reserve after shave

I did not trust my first experience on Monday, but it is now clear - Tabac is a phenomena. It feels like many other soaps while you are using it but afterwards there is just no irritation.

I like the scent, and I can understand why the scent is not everyone's favorite, but I do not get why the scent has a reputation for being so polarizing. I have used a lot of soaps over almost 3.5 years of wet shaving and have to say this is one hell of a soap!



Just realized that this morning's (April 7th) shave marked my third anniversary of starting straights. I didn't do anything special to mark the occasion though. Same setup as Wednesday.
PAX 178
Mojo Handcrafts
Tabac for the win, win, win.

I will say that this morning's shave went much better than the one three years ago...
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