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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Super Doll, darling. No.1000 by Cross Super.

OK, now I believe the rumor that many Japanese razor have hard, hard steel. Many laps on 1200>4000>8000k diamond plates, then more than I expected on the 12000 Naniwa, then a normal 60 each stropping on the 50/100/200k diamond pasted balsa. Then a little linen and a bunch of stropping on Tony Miller roughout steerhide. Now it is finally 'shave ready', but not 'shave ready by my standards'. I had a decent first shave, but I can get this Super Doll super sharp. And, with no etching to worry about, I may give her the full shiny polish.
Stropped Kanayama Llama 30000 pre-shave. Mayd-well reknotted in mistura, Cella in the bowl, and an unseen Lupo DC/Kai for sideways on the neck. I love the 'cracked ice' scales.
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