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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Another razor from the restoration backlog:

Otto Fromm 'red Head' 50 - shiny for vintage, at least for my price range of vintage. It has a narrow wedge and the scales are pretty flexible, in spite of the third pin. Close carefully, every time.
50 laps each on a Norton trans ark and a Naniwa 12k, then 60 laps on Tony Miller roughout steerhide strop got it HHT certified. Diamond pasted balsa progression and and normal pre-shave stropping on the TM linen/Horween horsehide delivered an effective, but not top quality, shave. I'll give it more attention soon, something slightly coarser than the ark may be required. Nice, straight blade.

Neck whorls tamed by PAA copper Ascension and Feather.

I can barely believe I'm making progress on my honing backlog. Three razors in process. A dozen or so in the queue, but many are low priority.
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