What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by California Cajun, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    TOPEK of Poland kamisori DSCN4610.JPG DSCN4625.JPG
  2. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    Thank you !...Antler horn handle , strop is English Bridle leather ….

  3. Joseph Elliot's Real Hollow Ground
    Tony Miller Fast Bridle

  4. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Moderator Contributor

    just had a fantastic idea for tonights shave
  5. old Japanese Hillman a paint brush, small kitchen bowl and some good ol barbasol watered down until useable.

    Sorry will have pictures next time
  6. Thursday's Shave
    'Lime Twist'
  7. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    This Le Grelot for the past two days.

    20181206_063424 (1).jpg
  8. D77477AE-4EDB-489F-AFAD-D13293ADD959.jpeg #49 15/16 SS F. Herder
  9. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Moderator Contributor

    So Arne!!! how many times have you cut yourself with that beautiful razor to send the scales reddish but it sure is a stunner:001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1:

    That is a beautiful razor Sir!!!:001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1:
  10. Beautiful Arne,!!! What continent are we traveling too next week?
  11. Thank you sir!! Finally got it shave ready.
  12. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Thank you ian:001_smile. To me it's part of the fun of shaving to see what new Rorschach patterns my blood splatter will create on the wall. This morning I found a really interesting pattern. I swear that it looked exactly like a polar bear eating a truck.

    Thank you Dean. Europe I guess and most likely to that strange country where, according to roumors, everyone is blonde, tall and blue eyed, all women are beautiful and very open minded and polar bears walks the streets of the capital. To me it sounds like a great place to be.
  13. Rumours ??? :a47:

    Well, I don't know what to believe in anymore, learning these could be "rumours only" is a bit of a setback for me. :D :D :D
  14. 83ADCE0D-ACA7-4949-B667-BAA9534B104B.jpeg
    Brian Brown 7/8 “Kinda Japanese”. Acrylic scales
  15. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Moderator Contributor

    Hmmm I would say that it looked like a polar bear getting hit by a truck, as a polar bear would have its paws full trying to stop 44 tons.:mad2::mad2::mad2::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1:
  16. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

  17. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    shaves as good as it looks. it's a Seraphim gold dollar mod
  18. JMT_1062.jpg

    6/8" W&B Rattle Back that I just finished re-scaling.

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